Minolta DiMAGE F300 Review

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Playback Modes & Menu Options

Play mode screen. When you turn the Mode Dial to the Play position the last image captured is displayed full screen with overlay data for file folder and number, image resolution and quality, time and date.

Minolta DiMAGE F300

Pressing the "i+" button toggles the display of the exposure information; shutter speed, aperture, image quality, white balance, ISO speed, exposure compensation and a histogram.

Minolta DiMAGE F300

Pressing the Monitor button toggles between the full screen display, full screen w/out overlay and the index mode shown above.

Minolta DiMAGE F300

The playback image can be enlarged 1.5x to 6x in twenty-five steps by pressing the telephoto zoom button. Once enlarged, you can scroll around with the 4-way selector.

Minolta DiMAGE F300

In Play mode you can add an audio caption (up to 15 secs) to still images, it's handy to remind of you of people's names or the place where the picture was taken or whatever.

Minolta DiMAGE F300

Movie clips can be viewed on the LCD or on a television if you have hooked up the audio/video cable. The F300 has a built in speaker so you can hear the audio portion of movies during in-camera playback.

The movies are played back in full-screen size, you can pause them at any point and adjust the volume to the internal speaker.

Minolta DiMAGE F300

The Play mode menu:


      Delete - Erase current frame, all frames or selected frames

      Lock - Protect images from deletion

      AudioCaption - Add an audio caption to the current image


      Slide show - Begin automated playback mode

      Playback - Start slideshow

      Duration - 1 to 60 secs

      Repeat - Yes or No


      Print - Embed DPOF (Digital Print Order) information

      Index print - Print an index sheet

      Copy - Copy to camera memory, then to another card

      E-mail copy - Create a smaller image for email

Minolta DiMAGE F300

The Setup menu:

      LCD brightness - Adjust color LCD backlight

      Format - Format the SD/MMC card

      Power save - Auto power off: 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes

      Language - Set the menu language


      File # memory - On=sequential file numbering or Off

      Folder name - Standard or Date

      Audio signals - Camera sounds, On or Off

      Shutter FX - Shutter sound effect

      Volume - 1(low), 2 or 3(high)


      Reset default - Reset all parameters to default

      Noise reduction - On/Off

      Date/Time set - Set time and date in internal clock

      Date format - YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY

      Video output - Video output format NTSC or PAL

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