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Record Modes & Menu Options

Note that all onscreen images and overlay data can be displayed on the EVF or the color LCD, just flip the display control switch located on the back.

A typical "P"rogram AE record screen after the shutter has been half-pressed to set the exposure and autofocus. The red rectangle indicates where the multi-area autofocus has locked and can be manually controlled by setting the focus point anywhere desired in the frame.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

These are all the possible on-screen icons that can be overlayed on the display.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

When you look at the specs and see that the minimum focusing distance in macro mode is five inches it doesn't sound very impressive. The macro mode is engaged when the zoom is at the full 250mm position (most cameras use wideangle.)

It is prefered to shoot macro shots at longer focal lengths, this minimizes the barrel distortion common to wideangle and allows you to shoot from a comfortable distance without blocking the light falling on the subject.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

In Shutter priority mode you set the shutter speed desired to freeze rapid action or blur motion and the camera automatically selects the proper aperture setting.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

In Aperture priority you set the desired aperture for control of depth of field and the camera will automatically match the proper shutter speed.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

In Manual mode you have control of both the shutter speed and aperture value.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

In Movie mode you can record up to 60 seconds (per clip) of motion JPEG at 320 x 240 resolution. It is silent though, the camera has no microphone.

Minolta DiMAGE 5

Record mode menu:

      AF Mode - Single or Continuous

      Metering Mode - Multi-segment, center-weighted or spot

      Flash Mode - Fill, Redeye-Reduction or Rear curtain sync

      Flash Comp - Flash compensation +/- 2.0

      Flashmetering - ADI or Pre-flash TTL modes

    Minolta DiMAGE 5

    Custom 1

      Memory - Memorize 3 different user configurations

      Exp Bracket - 0.3, 0.5 or 1.0EV step

      Interval - Set the interval timer, 1 to 60 minutes

      Frames - Set the # of frames recorded in interval mode

      AF/AEL button - Set the function of the AF/AEL button.

    Minolta DiMAGE 5

    Custom 2

      Sharpness - Hard, Normal, Soft

      Color mode - Color or black & white

      Data imprint - Date/time stamping or serialization

      Inst. Playback - Show last image captured, 2 or 10 secs

    Minolta DiMAGE 5

    When using the data imprint option you enter the desired text using this virtual keyboard and the 4-way selector switch.

    Minolta DiMAGE 5

    SETUP menu options:

        LCDbrightness - Adjust the LCD brightness

        EVFbrightness - Adjust the EVF brightness

        Format - Format the CF card

        Power save - 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes

        Beep - Enable the beep tone for buttons

        Language - Chose the menu language

      Custom 1

        File#memory - Sequentially number images

        Select folder - Select the active image folder

        New folder - Create a new image folder

      Custom 2

        Reset default - Return all settings to factory default

        EVF autoSwtch - Enable the EVF auto-on capability

        Date/Time set - Set the time and date

        Date format - YYYYMMDD, MMDDYYYY, DDMMYYYY

        Video output - NTSC or PAL format

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