Lytro Light Field Camera Preview

That's right, Lytro has finally announced their new Light Field Camera. Likely the most unique looking camera we've every seen, the Lytro will come in three color / memory configurations; Red Hot (16GB - 750 pictures), Graphite (8GB - 350 pictures), and Electric Blue (8GB - 350 pictures).

Some of the specs include:
  • Unique rectangular body measures 1.61x1.61x4.41 inches
  • Light Field Sensor; 11 Megarays
  • Light Field Engine 1.0 processor
  • 8x optical zoom lens
  • Constant f/2.0 aperture
  • Blazing fast speed thanks to no Autofocus
  • 1.46-inch back-lit LCD screen
  • Simple control layout; only uses Power and Shutter buttons, Zoom slide, and touchscreen LCD
  • Li-ion battery with "long life"
The Lytro Camera will retail for $399 USD for the 8GB models (Graphite and Electric Blue) or $499 USD for the 16GB model (Red Hot).

We'll update this page with more details as they become available; and hopefully we can get our hands on one quick style!
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