Kyocera 2100DG


Samurai 2100DG

Posted October 1999

The Kyocera (Yashica) Samurai 2100DG features a 2.14-Megapixel CCD that generates 1632 x 1232 (SuperFine or Fine mode) or 800 x 600 (Normal mode) pixel images, 1.8" color LCD and is the first 2Mpixel digicam with a 4x optical zoom lens.

As you can see, with its vertical profile it more resembles a camcorder than a still camera. Kyocera says this form factor makes for a more stable picture-taking platform necessary for a high-power zoom. It's about the same overall dimensions as the Nikon Coolpix 950.

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

Note only does it resemble a camcorder but it also has a camcorder-styled hand grip. It was obviously designed for small-handed Japanese folks as I had a difficult time being able to press the shutter button once my hand was in the grip strap.

Yashica Samurai 2100DGYashica Samurai 2100DG

Front and rear views of the very narrow 2100DG. The battery door is located below the Monitor and Menu buttons on the rear end. Note that the optical viewfinder has a diopter adjustment control wheel.

Yashica Samurai 2100DGYashica Samurai 2100DG

The heart of the user controls are located on the left side along with a monochrome LCD data display. The flash, macro and infinity focus modes are all on the same button which means that you cannot use the flash with the macro function. The "Drive" button can be customized via the Setup menu to toggle the image quality, picture mode, white balance or EV override. The Drive button also toggles the self timer and it *can* be used with the macro function. The slide switch toggles the camera between Record, Connect to PC or Playback modes.

On the right side is the shutter button and the zoom switch which also doubles as the menu selection device. You push the switch up or down to zoom in and out or you can press it in to access menu features and then go up or down and select items by pressing it inward again. (If you look closely at the shiny shutter button you can see Yours Truly shooting the pic - extra brownie points if you can identify the camera I am using.)

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

The single CompactFlash card slot is on the left side behind a flip-open door. The CF card is ejected using the same type of fold-away push button like the one on the Nikon 950.

Behind the CF slot is the Video Out and Digital I/O (serial) ports.

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

Kyocera has included a 3.6v (1600mAh) lithium rechargeable battery pack with the 2100DG. The battery is charged in-camera using the AC power adapter, I don't know if they have an optional external rapid charger or not.

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

This is a typical Record mode menu screen showing (clockwise from top left) the EV override, picture quality (SuperFine/Fine/Normal), auto white balance, battery condition and shooting mode (filled rectangle means single shot).

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

This is the main Setup menu scren. Everything should be obvious other than the Custom entry, see the next menu screen below.

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

These are the options for the Custom menu selection. You can set the "Drive" button to toggle the shooting mode, picture quality, EV override or the white balance.

Yashica Samurai 2100DG

The usual 9-thumbnail playback screen to let you quickly jump to and display any image in memory. It has a slideshow function in playback mode as well as an erase and format option.

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Main Specifications of the Samurai 2100DG

Digital camera with integrated storage, display, and delete functions
Recording medium/recording method CompactFlash memory card/JPEG format (Exif Ver. 2.1), DCF compatible*
Image quality modes and approximate number of exposures
Image quality mode
Number of image pixels Approximate number of exposures
Super fine [S]
Fine [F]
Normal [N]
1,632 x 1,232
1,632 x 1,232
800 x 600
Approximately 6
Approximately 20
Approximately 84
Image capture element 1/2-inch square pixel, interlaced readout CCD (total number of pixels: 2.14 million, effective number of pixels: 2.01 million)
* Focal length/brightness
Kyocera zoom lens (10 groups, 12 lenses)
6.6 to 26.4 mm (converts to 35 mm to 140 mm for a 35 mm camera), F2.8 to 4.5
Focus adjustment Infrared active auto-focus (except for macro mode) and video feedback auto-focus
Camera-to-subject distance range (measured from lens surface) Approx. 0.6 m to infinity, 10 cm to 25 cm when using macro mode (allowing full-screen capture of objects the size of a business card)
Exposure control
* Control system
* Exposure-linked range

Programmed AE, feedback system combining external light meter and CCD divided multiple light measurement
EV6 to EV16 (ISO100 conversion)
White balance modes
Color modes
Auto, daylight, tungsten lamp
Color, sepia, black and white
Shutter CCD electronic shutter and programmable electronic shutter, 1/2 to 1/500 second
Viewfinders Real-image optical zoom viewfinder and LCD monitor viewfinder
* Camera-to-subject range

* Charging time
Built-in flash, tandem control auto-flash using light adjustment sensor
Approx. 0.6 to 3 m at 6.6 mm focal length/approx. 0.6 to 2.5 m at 26.4 mm focal length
Approx. 6 seconds (battery fully charged, measured under Kyocera testing standards)
Photography modes (1) Automatic flash, (2) automatic red-eye reduction flash, (3) fill-flash, (4) flash-off, (5) macro, (6) landscape
Drive modes (1) Single-frame photography mode, (2) self-timer photography mode, (3) consecutive photography mode (S/F: 3 frames maximum, N: 12 frames maximum)
Other functions Exposure compensation (�} EV, 1/3 EV steps), electronic noise (at shutter release)
LCD monitor 1.8-inch, 110,000-pixel, low-temperature polysilicon TFT color LCD monitor (521 x 218 dots)
Display panel Image number, photography mode, drive mode, image quality, exposure compensation, color/white balance mode, electronic noise mark, battery-low warning, custom settings on/off
Display 1-screen advance/return, specification of first screen to be displayed, continuous automatic display, simplified thumbnail display, multi-screen display (9 images), rotate, zoom display
Delete Single-image delete, delete all images, format CompactFlash memory card
Output Video output (NTSC), digital output
Input and output jacks Video output jack, digital output jack, external power supply input jack
PC interface Serial interface
Power supply
* Number of exposures
* Continuous display time
3.7 V cylindrical lithium-ion battery, custom AC adapter
Approx. 200 frames (flash used 50% of time, LCD monitor not used, fine mode)
Approx. 60 minutes (using LCD monitor)
Dimensions 57 (W) x 92 (H) x 123 (D) mm
Weight 400 grams (battery and CompactFlash memory card not included)
Operating temperature range 0 to 45 C

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