Konica Minolta DiMAGE X60 Review

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Record Modes & Menu Options

The AUTO mode is a pure point-n-shoot fully automatic exposure mode and is good for most "normal" shooting conditions. When you want a little more specialized control then use the DSP mode.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

The Digital Subject Program (DSP) mode will automatically select either Program or the best pre-programmed scene (portrait, sports, landscape, night portrait or beach&surf) based on the frame content.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

The default for DSP mode is Auto selection, the user can manually select from seven modes (portrait, sports, super macro, landscape, night portrait, text or beach&surf) by pressing the 4-way controller Right or Left. Selecting OFF forces the camera into using only Program AE mode.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

The zoom lens features Auto Macro and automatically covers the normal to closeup range (as close as 4 inches), selecting Super Macro mode will let you get as close as 2 inches.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

Record mode menu:

    Image Size - 2560x1920, 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 640x480
    Quality - Fine, Standard, Economy
    White balance - Custom set/recall, Auto, Preset
    Key function - Assign function of 4-way left/right buttons

    Sensitivity - Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400
    Metering mode - MultiSegment or Spot
    Exp comp - Exposure compensation ±2.0EV in 0.3 steps
    Auto reset - Reset defaults after power off

    Color mode - Natural, B&W or Sepia
    Voice memo - Record up to 15 secs of audio with still image
    Date imprint - Put date/time stamp on the image
    Digital zoom - Enable/disable Digital zoom
    Instant playback - Auto review for 2 secs. after capture

Minolta DiMAGE X60

The X60 can be used like a voice recorder in Audio mode. About 31 minutes and 43 seconds of audio can be recorded using the internal memory. Recording data storage is approx. 8KB/sec and a maximum of 180 minutes can be recorded at one time when using an optional SD card.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

In Movie mode you can record motion video with audio. The image size is fixed at 320x240 and you can select either 15fps or 30fps frame rate. The length of a video clip is limited only by the amount of available memory on your SD card. You can't use the zoom lens during recording but it can be preset before.

Movies can be recorded in one of two modes: Standard produces a normal movie clip, Night Movie uses higher sensitivity to record in low-light so the image quality can be lower.

Minolta DiMAGE Z2

Minolta DiMAGE X60

Movie mode menu:

    RecordingMode - Movie or Audio only
    Frame rate - 30fps or 15fps for
    Movie mode - Standard or Night mode

    White balance - Custom set/recall, Auto, Preset
    Exp comp - Exposure compensation ±2.0EV in 0.3 steps
    Color mode - Natural Color, Black&White, Sepia

Minolta DiMAGE Z2

SETUP menu options:

      LCDbrightness - Adjust the LCD brightness
      Power save - 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes to auto power off
      Instant playback - 10s, 2s, none
      Lens accessory - None or "WideConverter"
      Language - Chose the menu language

      File #memory - Sequentially number images
      Folder name - Choose the method for creating folder names
      Date/Time set - Set the camera's clock and calendar
      Date imprint - Activates Date imprinting

      Reset default - Return all settings to factory default
      Audio signals - Change or turn off audio sound effects
      Focus signals - Change or turn off focus sound effects
      Shutter FX - Change or turn off Shutter sound effects

      Video output - NTSC or PAL format
      Transfer mode - Specify camera use with a computer or printer
      Self-Timer - Select duration of self-timer (2 or 10 sec.)

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