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Playback Modes & Menu Options

Typical Playback screen. When you press the Play/Review button the last image captured is displayed full screen with overlay data for file folder and number, image resolution and quality, time and date.

Minolta DiMAGE X20

Pressing the 4-way controller Down will display the thumbnail index mode shown above. You can quickly search through your images and select one for full-screen display.

Minolta DiMAGE X20

A full-screen image can be enlarged 1.2x to 6x in 0.2x steps by pressing the telephoto zoom button. Once an image is enlarged you can scroll around inside of it using the 4-way selector.

Minolta DiMAGE X20

Movie clips can be viewed on either the camera's LCD or a TV set, via the supplied A/V cables.

Minolta DiMAGE X20

Upon pressing the enter button to play a movie, these VCR (or should I say DVD) controls a displayed.

Minolta DiMAGE X20

    The Play mode menu:

      Delete - Erase current frame, all frames or marked frames
      AudioCaption - Attack an audio memo to still images
      Lock - Protect images from deletion
      Image pasting - Access the Image pasting setup functions

      Slide show - Starts slide show
      Dissolve - On/Off
      Crop Frame - Allows you to crop and image in camera
      Frame capture - Capture a frame of a movie and save it as an image
      Edit Movie - Edit a Movies length

      DPOF set - This frame, All frames, Marked frames or Cancel
      Date Print - On/Off
      Index print - On/Off
      E-Mail Copy - Create a small copy image: current or marked frames

Minolta DiMAGE X20

Once you have captured a photo, you can rotate the image by pressing the 4- way selector "Down".

Minolta DiMAGE X20

Image pasting allows you to select a template (rectangular, circular, heart, speech bubble, mouse ears) and then overlay this on top of an already captured image and insert a new image into the first picture. The position and size of the template can be selected before you paste the second image. The new montage is now combined in the camera and saved as a new image.

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