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Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Playback Screens & Menus

(Excuse the poor quality of these screens but the KD-400Z does not have a Video Out feature so these had to be photographed off of the color LCD.)

A typical record mode screen display. Across the top is "SD" indicating that we are currently using a Secure Digital (or MMC) type memory card. This will change to "MS" to indicate Memory Stick or "IN" when no card is inserted and you use the 2MB of internal memory. The date and time are always a constant reminder to keep the clock set properly. The lightning bolt indicates the flash is in "forced on" mode, normally it isn't displayed which indicates that it is in "automatic" mode. Other possible icons are Red-eye reduction, night portrait, macro, infinity and selftimer. On the bottom is the battery condition, number of images remaining, quality FINe, and 2304x1704 image size. Almost invisible in the center is the focus target marks.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

While viewing an image fullscreen you can press the TELE zoom button and begin enlarging the image in steps all the way up 12x. This is good for checking for critical, focus, color or composition.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Selecting INDEX from the play menu displays nine thumbnail images. From here you can search through the stored images and select one for fullscreen playback or deletion.

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Page 1 of play menu:

    INDEX - Display 9 thumbnails to quickly access one fullscreen or to delete unwanted images
    COPY - Copy image data between SD, MS or INternal memory
    DELETE - Select the media desired and then erase any or all images
    MONITOR - Set LCD brightness
    DPOF - Set DPOF (Digital Print Order Form) printing data

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Page 2 of play menu:

    RESIZE - Downsize image(s) to VGA 640x480 or QVGA 320x240
    PROTECT - Protect images from deletion
    MOVE - Move pictures or movies to a different media
    SLIDE SHOW - Begin slideshow playback on LCD
    ADD REC - Add voice memo to a picture

Konica Digital Revio KD400Z

Page 3 of play menu:

    SETUP - Enter the SETUP menu (same as on the previous page)
    RETURN - Exit menu, return to record screen

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