Record Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of our screen captures, the Ze2 kit does not include an AV cable.

The Ze2's small LCD screen shows you just the information that you need to see. Here you can see the amount of recording time remaining in video capture mode, along with the video mode icon and a battery level indicator.

Like we mentioned earlier in this review, the Ze2 offers a 2x "Smooth Digital" zoom feature, which is controlled by pressing up and down on the 4-way controller. Just be sparingly with this feature, as it can degrade video or still image quality when used.

In still capture mode, you see the above camera icon and the number of images that can be captured on your SD card. The battery level icon will also display for a brief second when you first enter this mode (not shown above). Still images are captured at a resolution of 1-megapixels. Not something you'd want to print from, but plenty big enough for sharing on sites like Facebook.

Record Menu:
  • Video Resolution - 720p (30fps), WVGA (iPad compatible, 30fps)
  • Share Settings - Select the sites you would like in the Share menu
  • Effects - Normal, High Saturation, '70s Film, Black & White, Sepia
  • Microphone Gain - Increase or Decrease the sensitivity of the Mic
  • Glare Shield - Enable Glare Shield for bright environments
  • LCD Brightness - Auto, High, Medium, Low
  • Camera Sounds - On or Off
  • Safe Mode - On or Off
  • Date/Time - Set the date and time
  • Video Output - NTSC, PAL
  • Language - Select your menu language
  • Reset Settings - Reset the camera to the factory defaults
  • Format Memory Card - Delete everything on the memory card
  • About - Displays the Firmware and Software versions
  • Underwater Correction - On or Off

The Effects menu allows you to choose a creative effect for your images and videos. This allows for a little more creativity without having to spend extra time editing files on your computer later.

Here we can see the Share Settings menu option. The options in this menu affect what options show up when you press the Share button in Playback to tag photos for automatic uploading once you plug the Ze2 into your PC (that has internet access). The available options include: Kodak Gallery, Facebook, Flickr, Kaixin001, ORKUT, Twitter, Yandex, and YouTube. You can also enter email addresses for quick sharing with your friends and family.

Lastly, we see the Mic Level option, which allows you to adjust the gain of the built-in microphone to suit your audio needs. This fine tuning option is a nice addition to the Ze2, which can help you reduce unwanted noise in your audio.

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