Features & Controls

Kodak has given the Ze2 a slightly "faster" lens compared to the Ze1, with a fixed aperture of f/2.4 (verses f/2.8 on the Ze1). The lens offers a 35mm equivalent field of view, with a focusing range from 0.5 meters to infinity. Although this is a fixed focal length lens, you do have a 2x "Smooth Digital" zoom option, however remember that quality will be degraded as you zoom in digitally.

At the bottom right, you can also see the Ze2's built-in microphone.

Framing and viewing your images is accomplished on the 2.0-inch LCD with 112.3K dots of resolution. The screen features Auto brightness and a unique LCD Glare Shield option to help you see your video and stills in ultra-bright sunlight.

Below the LCD are the camera's controls. They are pretty straight forward, with just enough options for you to quickly operate the camera, without a large learning curve. At the top left is the Video/Still image button to switch your shooting modes. Bottom left is the playback button, allowing you to view your movies and still images. Top right is the button for your camera settings and the bottom right is the delete button. In the middle is the recording button with 4-way controller built around it. On top of starting and stopping, it also allows you to navigate your menus and make selections. Pressing the 4-way up and own controls of the Ze2's "Smooth Digital" zoom feature. Finally at the bottom is the Share button, allowing you to upload your images and movies to the site of your choice in just 3 steps; connection to a PC with internet access required.

On the right hand side of the Ze2 you will find the SD card slot hiding under a water tight door that uses a lock style system to keep it secure. The camera is rated to handle SD and SDHC memory cards up to 32GB. We experienced some weird slowness when using a Sony Class 10 32GB SDHC memory card, however with a Class 6 - Class 10 4GB card the camera worked fine. The camera does offer 18MB of internal memory, but that won't get you very far (about 15 seconds of video). Also found under this door is the Ze2's HDMI port, which allows you to connect the camera to your HDTV with an optional HDMI cable.

On the bottom is another water tight sealed door, which also features a locking mechanism to keep it secure. Underneath you will find a USB plug, which is used to charge the camera and transfer files to you PC or Mac. There's also a standard definition AV-out port, which also requires an optional cable.

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