Features & Controls

The Kodak EasyShare M590 comes with a 5x optical Schneider-Kreuznach zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent range of 35-175mm. The lens is built-in to the camera for optimal safety.

Focus Range:
Normal: Wide: 23.6" - Infinity (0.6m - Infinity)
Telephoto: 35.4" - Infinity (0.9m - Infinity)
Macro: Wide: 3.9" - 27.6" (0.1m - 0.7m)
Telephoto: 19.7" - 39.4" (0.5m - 1.0m)


This is the tiny built-in flash unit for the M590. You have the options of Auto, Fill, Red-eye reduction, or Off.

Flash Range (ISO 400):
Wide: 8.5' (2.6m)
Telephoto: 7.9' (2.4m)

On top you there are only two buttons, power on/off and the shutter release. The power on/off is symbolized to the left, and the shutter release is to the far right. Be careful with your finger placement as it is very easy to press the wrong button and turn off the camera.


Controls on the back, from top to bottom: On top you will find the Zoom lens control that shows T/W. In playback mode this is also used as the magnify(T) and index(W) controls. Along the right side of the LCD we have four buttons for Flash mode, file Delete, Menu, Screen Info, and Playback. Next is the 4-way arrow pad that is used to navigate through all options of the menus, and pressing the center of the pad selects the option being viewed. Underneath the 4-way pad you see the last two keys. The Mode key does exactly what is says, it allows you to easily change the capture mode that the camera is in. The last button is the red Share button that allows you to share photos or videos with the push of a button, as well as One-button uploading to your favorite social media websites.


The M590 only has one Input/Output port that will handle a variety of options. It is used for the charging of the camera, USB data transfer and direct printing, and also the AV output to connect to a television (not included). There is no HDMI port.

The M590 uses the tiny microSD/SDHC type memory cards. While it does come with 64MB of internal memory, only 32MB is available for picture/video storage. Therefore it is strongly recommended to upgrade to any microSD or SDHC card.

Powering the M590 is a 3.7V, 830mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. To charge your battery you must use the USB cable included with the camera. This will attach to the AC adapter and plug into any AC outlet. You may also use a USB port from your PC or any other device that offers a powered USB port to charge the camera, although this way will take much longer. Kodak claims you can get about 195 shots from this pack on a full charge, using CIPA standard testing methods.

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