Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of our screen images, Kodak does not include an A/V cable. Therefore, we had to photograph the LCD screen.

The Playback screen does not show you any information except for the image number and battery level indicator. From here you also have the option to select the image, tag the image and enter the index mode.

Through the Playback menu you can view the image details from the Properties option. Here you can see a wealth of EXIF information for the image, including the date and time the image was taken, f-stop and shutter speed, exposure mode, etc.

The index mode allows you to view your images in thumbnails of 15 or 28 at a time. You can also search your images by date, people, favorites or keywords.

Pressing the telephoto zoom lever allows you to zoom in on your image from 2x to 8x (in 1x zoom steps). Once you have enlarged an image, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around and inspect it.

Review Menu:
  • Select All - Select all of the images/videos saved on the memory
  • Tag People - Assign names to recognized faces
  • Keyword Tag - Select a Keyword tag to organize your images
  • Print - Print image when plugged into your PC or a PictBridge printer
  • Favorite - Mark an image as a favorite
  • Protect - Stop images/videos from being deleted
  • Multimedia Slide Show - Access settings and run a slideshow
  • View Thumbnails - Enters index mode
  • Properties - View detailed information about your images

Edit Menu:
  • Crop - Allows you to adjust the image, removing unwanted objects from the edges of images and fixing the images compositions
  • Copy - Copy images to and from the internal memory card and internal memory
  • Add Date Stamp - Adds a date to the image when printed

The crop feature allows you to adjust your composition or remove unwanted and distracting objects from around the edges of the image.

Movies can be played back on the camera's LCD screen.

Once playback begins, you get DVR/VCR-like controls to pause, play, fast-forward or rewind the video clip. You can also adjust the volume by using the "Up" or "Down" directions on the 4-way controller.

Setup Menu:
  • Date & Time - Adjust the Date & Time for the camera
  • LCD Brightness - High Power, Power Save, Auto
  • Share Button Settings - Choose which sharing sites to show in the share button menu
  • Red Eye Reduction - Preflash, Digital Correction
  • Orientation Sensor - On, On Transfer, Off
  • Camera Sounds - Change the volume level and camera sounds
  • Video Out - NTSC, PAL
  • Image Storage - Auto, Internal Memory
  • Language - Choose the camera menu language
  • Reset Camera - Reset the camera to the factory defaults
  • Format - Deletes everything the internal memory or memory card
  • Kodak Camera Software - Links the camera to Kodak's Share Button software
  • About - View the camera's firmware version

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