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Kodak EasyShare Z740

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

Sliding the Mode switch to the Playback position will display an index page showing recently captured images. This is just like your typical index page, allowing you to quickly search though your saved images. Pressing the Ok button or the telephoto zoom control will bring the selected photo full screen. image or movie.


Here we have an image being displayed full screen. No overlay information is shown, which is great when viewing images on a TV with family and friends.


Pressing the "i" button brings up this menu of options. You can add a Caption, move the image to an Album or view the detailed exposure information.


Using the Telephoto zoom control you can enlarge the image 1x - 8x (in 1x steps) and then scroll around it using the 4-way selector.


Movies can be displayed on the LCD or sent to your TV via the A-V cable. You can start, pause or stop playback and control the volume of the camera speaker.


Press the "i" button to display the movie file information


The EasyShare-One can connect to wireless networks and devices like the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Series 3. You can then print or email you images to friends and family (shown below.)


Here is an animation of the wireless printing process. You have to first enter Playback mode, then enable the Wi-Fi card and search for available networks. The ES-one will then show any Wi-Fi network of device that it recognizes. Once connected to the printer, you can then go about creating 4x6- inch prints.


Here you can see how to send an email.


The SETUP menu options:

    Language - Select the Menu language to be displayed

    Date & Time - Set the internal clock

    Slide Show - Start a presentation of your stored images

    LCD Backlight - Adjust the brightness of the LCD

    Touchscreen Calibration - Adjust touchscreen settings

    Orientation Sensor - On or off, selects auto rotation of shots taken with portrait orientation

    Sound Themes - Select camera sounds

    Sound Volume - Off, Low, Medium or High

    Video Out - Video output format - NTSC or PAL

    About - Display firmware revision number


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