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The CD included with the DX3900 Zoom has the Camera Connection Software (USB drivers), the Picture Transfer Software (the automated download program), Kodak Picture Software (editing, viewing and emailing program) and a copy of Apple's QuickTime.

Kodak Picture Software

When you first run the Picture Transfer Software you can set it to default to automatic transfer with a specific destination, auto renaming of files by date and whether or not it should delete the original files on the camera.

You can also set the Transfer software to stop and prompt you for each picture as to where it should go and how it should be named.

Kodak Picture Software

This is the screen displayed during an auto-download showing you the current progress and status of the overall download. A small thumbnail of each image is shown very briefly as even the 1800 x 1200 size images are transferred in only 2-3 seconds.

Kodak Picture Software

Once all of the image files have been downloaded to the computer the Kodak Picture Software is launched and the most recent folder of images is loaded and displayed as thumbnails.

From here you can select images to Modify (see next frame), Send (email), Print, or display them as a Slideshow.

Kodak Picture Software

When editing pictures there are options to Trim (crop), remove Red-Eye, enhance, adjust the color, brightness, contrast or darken/lighten the subject. It isn't PhotoShop but it will allow most casual users to make their photos look better.

Kodak Picture Software

You can also display the file and picture information contained in each image.

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