HP PhotoSmart M437 Review

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Playback Modes & Menu Options

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures, the M437 does not output video, so they were either photographed off of the LCD monitor or taken from a previous review.

HP PhotoSmart M437

When you slide the mode switch to the Playback position, the last image captured is displayed full screen with minimal exposure information. The 25 of 70 indicates that this is the 25 image of 70 total images stored on the SD card.

HP PhotoSmart M437

You can quickly search through stored images using the Index playback function which is activated by pressing the Wide zoom control button. Nine thumbnail size images will be displayed and you can select one using the 4-way controller and then pressing the Telephoto zoom or OK button.

HP PhotoSmart M437

You can magnify an image in Playback mode by pressing the telephoto zoom control button. This allows you to check images for critical focus, etc. You can then scroll around the image by using the 4-way controller.

HP PhotoSmart M437

The Playback menu options:

    Remove Red Eyes - Corrects the red effect which appears in the eyes of a subject when using the flash
    Design Galley - Allows you to edit your stored photos (shown below.)
    Design Gallery - Access options to creatively modify your pictures Photosmart Express - Allows you to Print, Share or buy prints online
    Favorites - Tag images as favorites
    View Slide show - Plays an automatic slide show of images stored in memory
    Move images to Card - copies pictures from internal memory to the SD card
    Camera Setup - Enter the Setup menu
    Camera Help - Enter the Camera Help Menu

HP PhotoSmart M437

The Design Gallery menu options:

    Modify Color - Creates a copy of the selected image in a new color
    Add Borders - Add a border to an image
    Rotate - Rotate image 90° clockwise, may be used multiple times
    Crop - Select and save part of an image as a new file

HP PhotoSmart M437

The motion video and audio clips are played back full-screen on the LCD; unfortunately the M437 does not out video in either record or playback mode.

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