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HP PhotoSmart 812HP PhotoSmart 812

On the left is the typical record screen when using the color LCD as the viewfinder. There is a small status line at the top with the image quality, number of pictures remaining, and battery condition.

On the right are all possible displays capable on the record screen: image quality, number of pictures remaining, counter for length of audio annotation attached to image, self timer active, flash status, macro and battery condition. The frame box signifies the area of digital zoom crop and the center brackets denote the area of focus detection.

HP PhotoSmart 812

After you reach the maximum optical zoom position, the camera begins stepping through the digital zoom levels from 1.3x to 4.0x. Digital zoom can only be used when the color LCD is enabled as all framing must be done on the screen. There is no menu option to lock out the digital zoom. Digital zoom is not the same as optical zoom, it simply crops various sized "chunks" of the frame and saves them as an image.

HP PhotoSmart 812

Options on page one of the Setup menu:

    Quality settings:
    4 stars - 2272 x 1712 pixels, 2.5MB file size (5 per 16MB)
    3 stars - 2272 x 1712 pixels, 1MB file size (14 per 16MB)
    2 stars - 1136 x 856 pixels, 500KB file size (28 per 16MB)
    1 star - 1136 x 856 pixels, 250KB file size (56 per 16MB),

    Audio Record allows recording a 10 sec. audio clip with a still image

    Set camera sounds to High, Low or Off

    Date / time setup.

HP PhotoSmart 812

Page two of Setup Options include USB configuration to choose how a USB connected computer would "see" the connection - either Digital Camera or Disk Drive, TV output signal format (NTSC or PAL) and to choose one of five Language choices for the menus.

HP PhotoSmart 812

The PhotoSmart 812 captures up to 60-second video clips at 20 frames per second with audio at 288 x 208 resolution in the MPEG-1 format. As with most digicams that record sound with video, the zoom cannot be used while recording but can be preset before recording begins.

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