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Playback Modes & Menu Options

HP PhotoSmart 720

Playback mode is entered by pressing the big OK button on the back. Across the top is the image quality (one, two or three "stars") and the capture date. There is a status line at the bottom with the current picture number and total number of pictures battery condition and SD (if using a Secure Digital card).

HP PhotoSmart 720

The only camera menu is accessed in Play mode by pressing the OK button a second time, the first press takes you from record to play mode. The menu options are:

    ROTATE - Rotate image 90° CW, may be used multiple times

    DELETE - Delete current, all or format

    RECORD AUDIO - Attach up to a 255-sec voice memo to the current picture

    VIEW THUMBNAILS - Display thumbnails, see below

    MAGNIFY - Magnify the current image, see below

    SETUP - Enter the SETUP menu, described on the previous page

    EXIT - Leave the menu system

HP PhotoSmart 720

When you select VIEW THUMBNAILS from the menu you will be presented with a 3x3 image matrix of thumbnails per page to quickly go through stored images.

HP PhotoSmart 720

When you select the MAGNIFY option from the menu you can enlarge the current image 2X or 4X and then scroll right or left or up and down by using the menu options.

HP PhotoSmart 720

The up to 30-second video clips are played back full-screen, the audio is replayed from the built-in speaker.

HP PhotoSmart 720

Pressing the SHARE button brings up this onscreen menu. The first two options will embed DPOF (digital print order format) information for making prints. The third option called EMAIL uses HP's Instant Share software to select where photos will go - with up to 14 destinations including e-mail addresses, printers and more.

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