Fujifilm INSTAX Wide 300 Preview

The Fujfilm INSTAX Wide 300 combines large format INSTAX instant film (double the size of INSTAX mini film) with an optical viewfinder, for perfect shot framing, a lens ring dial with a two-range focus zone setting, a tripod socket, and a built-in electronic flash that automatically adjusts light levels to match subject distance. There's even a Fill Flash object for shooting backlit subjects, and a Light-Darken adjustment for adding "high-key and low-key effects to images."

Finally, Fujifilm includes a close-up lens adapter for macro shooting.

INSTAX Wide 300 Features
  • Uses Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Color Film (sold separately)
    • Film Size 86 mm x 108 mm
    • Picture Size 62 mm x 99 mm
  • Move in/out type lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f = 95 mm, 1:14
  • Real image optical viewfinder
  • Motor-driven focusing
    • 2-range switching: 0.9 m - 3 m/3 m - ∞
    • normal mode: 0.9 m - 3 m, landscape mode: 3 m - ∞
  • Programmed electronic shutter release
  • shutter speed: 1/64 sec - 1/200 sec.
  • Automatic Exposure Control,
  • Interlocking range (ISO 800): LV 10.5 - LV 15.
  • Exposure compensation (Lighten-Darken Control): ±2/3 EV
  • Built-in automatic electronic flash.
    • Charging time: 0.2 seconds - 6 seconds
    • Flash charging indicator (LED lights in red),
    • Fill-in Flash Mode,
    • Effective flash lamp range: 0.9 m - 3 m
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
    • Exposure counter
    • Lighten-Darken control
    • Flash Mode
  • Uses four AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries
  • Tripod socket
  • W:188mm x D:96 mm x H:121mm / 612g
    • (without battery, strap, film pack and close up lens)
Designed for personal (group shots) as well as professional uses (fashion, insurance, law enforcement, etc.), the INSTAX Wide 300 will be available next spring (2015) for $129.99. INSTAX Wide film is available in a twin pack of 20 prints for $31.99.
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