Playback Screens & Menus

The Z800EXR does not include an A/V cable, therefore we had to photograph the LCD.

The playback screen on the Z800EXR is accessed by pressing the green "PLAY" button on your LCD or the REC/PLAY button on top of the camera. Here you see the all of the shortcut selections on either side of your image. These can also be seen in the MENU screen with a description of the function as well. All of your image information is also displayed on the LCD, and can be removed by simply pressing the display icon.

This is your Fuji's index mode, that is displayed by pressing the top/right grid icon. It will allow you to view 9 or 25 images at a time. This allows you to search through your videos and images faster and easier. Using your zoom toggle counterclockwise can also access your index while in "PLAY" mode.

Fuji also gives you the option of zooming in on your images. Pressing the zoom lever clockwise will bring you to the screen above. Using the up/down and left/right icons shown above you can move to a desired location on your image and zoom in.


Playback Menu:
  • Photobook - Option to organize photos into categories
  • Favorites - Can select favorite photos and save for easy access
  • Compare - Allows you to compare 2 images side-by-side on the LCD screen
  • Folder - Choose the folder that your images will be stored in
  • Search - Search your images by date, face, scene or type of data (still, movie or edited image)
  • Edit - Enters into the camera's edit menu, shown below
  • Slide Show - Runs a slide show of either all of your images or just your images that include faces, with or without transitions
  • Protect - Protect certain images from deletion
  • Erase Face Recognition - Allows the camera to un-recognize faces in an image
  • Erase - Erase desired images or videos.
  • Upload Mark - Mark images for upload to either Facebook or YouTube
  • Silent - On or Off
  • Setup - Enters the Setup Menu


Edit Menu:
  • Collage - Combines several images into pre-set templates
  • Image Rotate - Change the orientation of an image
  • Crop - Adjust the composition or remove items from the edges of an image
  • Resize - Make a smaller copy of an image
  • Red Eye Removal - Removes redness from the eyes of subjects


This feature on the Z800EXR allows you to directly upload movies or images to Facebook or YouTube. Simply connect your camera to a computer, via the USB cord, and transfer your images.


This is the movie playback screen with all of the icons displayed. In this mode you only have the choice to play and pause your videos. You cannot fast forward, rewind, or move through the video in any other way.

Setup Menu:
  • Image Disp. - Continuous, 3 sec, 1.5 sec, Zoom Continuous, Off
  • Frame No. - Continuous, Renew
  • Dual IS Mode - Continuous, Shooting Only
  • Illumination - On, Off
  • Digital Zoom - On or Off
  • Date/Time - Set the Date and Time
  • Volume - Set the shutter, Operation and Playback volumes
  • Sound - Set the Shutter, Start up and Operation sounds
  • LCD Brightness - ±5 levels of Brightness
  • Format - Delete all information from the SD card or internal memory
  • Lang. - Select the camera's menu language
  • Auto Power Off - Off, 2 Min, 5Min.
  • Time Difference - Home, Local
  • Autorotate PB - On or Off
  • Background Color - Choose a background color
  • Power Management - Power Save, Quick AF, Clear Display
  • Reset - Reset the camera settings to the factory defaults
  • Password - Set a 4 number password
  • Calibration - Calibrate the LCD Touch screen
  • Version Info - Displays the firmware version of the camera

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