Playback Screens & Menus

Playback gives the choice of viewing your images with or without the information that is shown above. It displays your ISO, Image Quality, Date, Time and shutter and aperture settings, or just the image if you turn the information off.

Index mode gives you a variety of different views, including screens with 9 and 100 thumbnails, so you can quickly search through your images.

Pressing the Telephoto zoom lever allows you to zoom in on a captured image in several steps. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll through the image.

Playback Menu:
  • Image Search - Date, Face, Scene, Type of Data, Upload Mark
  • Erase - Frame, All Frames
  • Movie Edit - B&W, Sepia, Backlight Correction
  • Mark for Upload - YouTube, Facebook
  • Slide Show - Normal (Face), Normal, Fade-In (Face), Fade-In, Multiple, Scrap Book View, Select BGM
  • Red Eye Removal - Removes redness from the eyes of your subjects
  • Protect - Frame, All, Reset All
  • Crop - Adjust the composition of the image
  • Resize - Make a smaller copy of an image that you have already captured
  • Image Rotate - Change the orientation of an image
  • Copy - Copy to and from the Internal Memory to the SD Card
  • Voice Memo - Add a small audio clip to an image
  • Transition - Add a transition while searching through your images
  • Movie Trimming - Edit you movies directly on the camera
  • Print Order (DPOF) - With Date, Without Date, Reset All

The image search feature allows you to choose a category for the camera to search for, making it much easier and faster to look for a certain image on the camera.

Resize allows you to save a smaller copy of an image that you have already captured. This is a quick and easy way to make a smaller copy for email or posting to the web without wasting time on the computer.

With the image rotate feature, you can change the orientation on the image by 90° at a time.

Trimming allows you to adjust your composition after the image has been captured. It also allows you to cut out things from the edges of you images.

Movie edit allows you to cut your movies and save new copies exactly the way you want them.

Setup Menu:
  • Date/Time - Set the date and time for the camera
  • Time Difference - Allows you to set the camera to time that is different than you "home" time
  • Language - Choose the operation language of the camera and menu system
  • Silent Mode - On, Off
  • Reset - Resets the camera to the factory defaults
  • Format - Deletes all of the information off of the memory card
  • Image Disp. - Continuous, 3 sec, 1.5 sec, Zoom Continuous, Off
  • Frame No. - Continuous, Renew
  • Illumination - On, Off
  • Operation Vol. - Adjust the volume of the camera's noises
  • Shutter Vol. - Adjust the volume of the shutter sound
  • Shutter Sound - Sound 1, sound 2
  • Playback Vol. - Adjust the volume of the movie sound during playback
  • LCD Brightness - ± 5 levels of brightness
  • LCD Mode - Power Save, Standard
  • Auto Power Off - Off, 2 min, 5 min
  • Digital IS Mode - Auto, Off
  • Red Eye Removal - On, Off
  • Digital Zoom - On, Off
  • Save Original Image - On, Off
  • Background Color - Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Black
  • Guidance Display - On, Off
  • Video System - NTSC, PAL

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