Menu Screens and Software

When you power on your Flip camera, once it's "booted up" you will come to a Ready screen like above. Here the camera awaits you to start recording, and the only information you will see is record time and battery level indicator at the bottom. If you are using the digital zoom, a small gauge will appear on the top right side of the frame (not shown).

While recording, the only information that is shown on the screen is the length of the current movie and the battery icon.

Like in REC mode, when playing back a video clip there's very little information shown; just the time remaining at the top right and the progress scale and battery level indicator at the bottom.

When you first power up the camera, holding the REC button will enter the main setup menu, which offers the following options: Language, Date, Time, Sound and the Recording Light.

Pre-loaded FlipShare Software

Note: The below screen captures and software review were put together using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

One handy feature Flip includes on all of their Flip Video cameras is the pre-installed FlipShare software. This easy to use suite allows you to quickly organize and even edit your videos, and save them to either the camera or your PC/Mac. Options include: Editing, Email, Internet Upload, Capture Still Images and Make Movies with Audio.

When I plugged the UltraHD into my Windows 7 PC, the autoplay function popped up giving me several options.

Once you've opened FlipShare, whether from the autoplay screen or by clicking on the icon in your start menu, you will see the above window taking up the majority of your screen. It shows thumbnails of all of the videos saved on the camera. Here you can either watch the thumbnail sized video or watch it full screen as well as perform other tasks like exporting, saving, or deleting files.


On the left of the screen you will see the navigation bar. This allows you to quickly find new or previously saved videos, captured still images, access shortcuts to the camera and your computer, product resources and the option to create, send and receive Flip Channels.


Along the bottom you will find the edit toolbar. Here you have the following options:

  • Save to Computer
  • Play Full Screen
  • Email
  • Flip Channel
  • Greeting card
  • Online
  • Movie
  • Snapshot

Another cool function with this software is the "Snapshot" option, which allows you to break down videos frame by frame, then you can save one or multiple frames as their own file. These are saved as .mp4 files, however you can save them as a JPEG file by right-clicking on them and choosing "Save as jpeg". You can check out some example on our Sample Videos page.

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