Record Screens & Menus

Here we can see the EX-ZR100 in Premium Auto mode. This is Casio's version of iAuto or intelligent Auto, which will helps you achieve the best image quality possible. The camera will not only select the appropriate exposure setting, but it will also apply one of various "Best Shot" scene mode settings as well. This helps you create more pleasing photos, with various in-camera enchantments thanks to the pre-programmed "Best Shot" settings.

The EX-ZR100 also offers their standard Auto mode (not shown), which is more like Program mode on most digital cameras. It boasts fully automatic exposure control, however you have access to various more advanced settings like ISO, Exposure compensation, White balance, etc.

When you half press the shutter, the camera will attempt to lock focus and exposure. If successful, the AF targets chosen will turn green.The shaky hand symbol indicates that the shutter speed is slower, so there is a chance you could have blur in the photo if you're not steady.

Here we can see the EX-ZR100 in video record mode. Starting a video is as easy as pressing the video record button on the back of the camera; not matter what mode the dial is set to. You can record full 1080p (30fps) HD video, with stereo sound. The optical zoom is fully operational when recording HD and SD (640x480) video. These clips are saved in QuickTime .MOV format.

The EX-ZR100 is known for it's high-speed settings. In video mode, you have the option to shoot video at blazing fast speeds; up to 1000fps! The faster the video, the smaller the view. The available options include: HS1000 (224x64, 1000fps), HS480 (224x160, 480fps), HS240 (432x320, 240fps), and HS30-240 (432x320, you choose frame rate between 30 and 240fps). When shooting in High-Speed video mode, you much preset the desired focal length before recording starts.

The "BS" screen shown here has the EX-ZR100's 32 Best Shot presets. You can access this screen in capture mode by pressing "Set" and scrolling down to the "BS" symbol. This allows you to choose a variety of pre-set picture modes. You can even register your own Best Shot scenes.

Above you can see the start of a Slide Panorama sequence. Here the camera will capture a 360 degree Panorama, and all you have to do is sweep the camera either left or right; depending on the direction you have it set for. The final product is a massive image that can be played back in the camera like a video, or outputted as a vast 10-megapixel image.


In Auto/Manual/Shutter/Aperture modes, you can press the High Speed button on the top of the camera to activate continuous shooting. The frame rate can be set between 3 and 40fps, with a max. of 5, 10, 20, or 30 shots in a set; So, in 40fps mode, the max. number of images you can capture per sequence is 30. On top of these settings, the ZR100 offers their Prerecord CS option, which will allow you to capture up to 25 frames before you even press the shutter. This is extremely helpful for times when your reaction time will not quite cut it, and you must capture the shot. The max resolution available in High Speed CS is 10-megapixels; with the quality locked at Normal.

In HDR mode, the camera uses it's high speed capabilities to rapidly capture three exposures in an instant (one shutter press), all at different exposure values. The three are then combined im-camera to create create a final image with increase dynamic range; broader range of detail in both shadow and bright areas of an image.

HDR-Art mode does the same as HDR mode (three separate exposures merged into one image), however it applies some heavy processing (contrast, color saturation, etc.) to give the image a more artistic, painting-like feel.

Here we have the shortcut menu when shooting in full Manual mode. The available settings vill vary mode by mode. To access this menu, you simply press the "Set" key. Your four-way pad will then easily navigate you through the selections. From here you can quickly access setting for image quality, ISO, White balance, Aperture value, Shutter speed, HS CS frame rate, etc.


Rec Menu:
    • Zoom (SR) - Single or Off
    • Focus - AF, Macro, Super Macro, Infinity, MF
    • Self-timer - Off, x3 (three shots), 2 seconds, 10 seconds
    • Anti Shake - Auto, Camera AS, Image AS, DEMO, Off
    • AF Area - Intelligent, Spot, Multi, Tracking
    • AF Assist Light - On or Off
    • Face Detection - On or Off
    • Continuous AF - On or Off
    • CS (Continuous Shooting) - High Speed CS or F CS
    • Digital Zoom - On or Off
    • L/R Key - Choose the settings controlled by the Left and Right keys on the 4-way
    • Grid - On or Off
    • Review - On or Off
    • Icon Help - On or Off
    • Memory - Allows you to turn on/off most of the camera selections in the shortcut menu.


Quality Menu:

  • Image Quality - Fine or Normal
  • Movie Quality - FHD, STD, HS1000, HS480, HS240, HS30-240
  • Metering - Multi, Center Weighted, Spot
  • Lighting - Extra, On or Off
  • Flash Intensity - 0 or ± 2 degrees
  • Color Filter - Off, B&W, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Sharpness - 0 or ± 2 degrees
  • Saturation - 0 or ± 2 degrees
  • Contrast - 0 or ± 2 degrees


The Set-Up menu options:
    • Screen (brightness) - Auto, +2, +1, 0
    • Auto Rotate - On or Off
    • Sounds - Adjust the different sounds made by the camera
    • File Number - Continuous, Reset
    • Create Folder - Create a folder for files to be stored in
    • World Time - Choose the time and location you are in
    • Timestamp - Date, Date&Time, Off
    • Adjust - Adjust time
    • Date Style - How the date is displayed
    • Language - 22 different languages
    • Sleep -Sleep time for the camera
    • Auto Power Off - Turns camera off after a set time
    • REC/PLAY - REC/PLAY buttons turn the camera on or off
    • USB - Mass Storage, PTP(PictBridge)
    • Video Out - NTSC (4:3, 16:9), PAL (4:3, 16:9)
    • HDMI Output - Auto, 1080i, 480p, 576p
    • Startup - Choose the start up image; On or Off
    • Format - Format, Cancel
    • Reset - Restore factory defaults

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