Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the green Play button on the back of the camera will take you to the last video or image captured. Pressing "up" on your four-way pad will cycle through the possible LCD display modes; minimal information (default), extended information, and no information. The right and left directions on the 4-way pad allow you to scroll through stored videos and pictures.

Toggling the zoom control to the Wide position in playback mode will bring up the Index option. Here the EX-ZR100 will display 25 thumbnail images per page, allowing you to quickly search through stored files for a specific one.

Pressing the zoom control towards the telephoto position will allow you to enlarge the playback image. It can be magnified from 1.3x to 8x in several steps. By using the 4-way pad you can select any area of the photo to be magnified. A small yellow box will appear on the right to indicate which portion of the frame is being magnified.

Playback Menu:
    • Slideshow - Start an automated showcase of your images
    • Dynamic Photo - Add an animation to a photo
    • Movie Converter - Used to convert still images into a Dynamic Photo movie
    • MOTION PRINT - Create a snapshot of a movie (resolution of still image determined by video quality used)
    • Movie Editing - Edit a movie's length
    • Lighting - Optimize image brightness
    • White Balance - Adjust the white balance of a photo
    • Brightness - Alter the brightness of a photo
    • DPOF Printing - Set images for printing
    • Protect - Protect files from deletion
    • Date/Time - Set the cameras Date and time function
    • Rotation - Change the orientation of an image
    • Resize - Change the size of an image
    • Trimming - Crop your image
    • Copy - Copy back and forth between the internal memory and the SD card
    • Divide Group - Separates groups of images taken continuously
    • CS Multi Print - Combine CS images into a single file
    • CS Frame Edit - Edit a CS image

You can playback video on your TV set with the included video cables, or on the LCD. Pressing the Set button will start playback, then pressing it again will pause the video. You get "VCR-like" controls to stop, fast-forward, rewind, and play video frame by frame. You can also adjust the volume by pressing down on the 4-way, then using up and down to choose the volume.

After you capture a sequence of images in burst (High Speed CS) mode, the images play back similar to a video file. You can also use the Divide Group option in the playback menu (page 3), which will separate each file on its own.

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