Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the Play button on the back of the camera brings you to the last movie or image that was captured. Here you can see all of the information displayed about the photo or video that was taken. Included is: file number, image size (14-megapixel), quality (F= Fine), resolution (4320x3240), ISO (50), Aperture (F3.5), Shutter speed (1/250), battery level indicator, and time and date of capture. Using the "UP" button on your 4-way pad will eliminate the information from being displayed. Pressing the 4-way controller left/right scrolls through stored files.

Using the Wide zoom control will allow you to access the index page. Here it allows you to easily scroll through your stored images or videos, using the 4-way pad. Pressing the Wide zoom control a second time will display a calendar, that separates photos/videos by the dates they were captured.

The Telephoto zoom control on the other hand will allow you to magnify an image. This allows you to enlarge a photo from 1.3x to 8x in multiple steps. Your 4-way pad also allows you to scroll around inside the photo at any given point.

Playback Menu:
    • Movie Converter - Used to convert still images into a Dynamic Photo movie
    • Art Effect - Oil painting, Crayon, Water Color
    • DPOF Printing - Set images for printing
    • Protect - Protect files from deletion
    • Date/Time - Set the cameras Date and time function
    • Rotation - Change the orientation of an image
    • Resize - Change the size of an image
    • Trimming - Crop your image
    • Dubbing - Add a voice memo to an image
    • Copy - Copy back and forth between the internal memory and the SD card
    • Divide Group - Separates groups of images taken continuously

To play a movie you must press the set button, scroll to the play icon, and press again. Next you will see VCR-like controls that allow you to fast-forward, rewind, pause, and provides a slow-motion mode (not shown). The Set button acts as the pause/play button, while the left/right buttons act as the fast-forward/rewind button. You can even go frame by frame once a movie is paused using the left/right buttons.

The EX-Z800 also offers in-camera editing, like the resize function, which can adjust the size of the original photo.

Art Effect allows you to alter photos using the creative filters above.


Here you see the Trimming selection that allows you to zoom in to a certain area of your image and save it as another photo. The further you zoom in, the lower the resolution will be.

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