Record Screens & Menus

Here you can see the Auto mode for the EX-Z450. To the right is the quick access to change functions such as: metering, ISO speed, lighting, face detection, etc. The AF point in this image is a yellow flower. There are actually a variety of selections to use as an AF point from the traditional box to a gingerbread man, you can even choose to have the camera randomly select which AF point style it uses.

When you half press the shutter, the focus and exposure is set. The AF point in this image turns into a large purple flower to indicate the ready position.


Press the "BS" button to access specific Record modes:
  • Auto - Program AE snapshot mode
  • Best Shot "scene" modes:
      Auto, Best Shot Auto, Dynamic Photo, Portrait, Scenery, Portrait with Scenery, Self Portrait 1 person, Self Portrait 2 people, Children, Sports, Candlelight Portrait, Party, Pet, Flower, Natural Green, Autumn Leaves, Soft Flowing Water, Splashing Water, Sundown, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, Fireworks, Food, Text, Collection, For eBay, Backlight, High Sensitivity, Monochrome, Retro (sepia), Twilight, Multi-motion image, ID Photo, Business Card and Documents, White Board, Silent movie, Pre Record, For YouTube, Voice Recording, and Register (custom build your own BS mode)

Here you can see the Function panel in Auto mode. Along the right hand side of the frame are icons for Image size/quality, Flash mode, Auto Shutter Settings, Light Sensitivity, ISO sensitivity, Burst Mode, Face Detect AF, EV compensation, and the Time. This "Panel" is actually a shortcut menu. Pressing the SET button in the center of the 4-way controller allows you to toggle settings. the user can also customize this panel to have quick access to settings they use most often.


  • Focus - AF, Macro, PF, Infinity, MF
  • Continuous Shot - Normal Speed, 4fps, 10fps Flash CS, Off
  • Self-Timer - 10 sec, 2 Sec, x3, Off
  • Auto Shutter - Detect Blur, Detect Panning, Detect Smile, Off, Adjust Sensitivity
  • Face Detection - on, off
  • Anti Shake - Auto, Camera AS, Image AS, Demo, Off
  • AF Area - Intelligent, Spot, Multi, Tracking
  • AF Assist Light - On, Off
  • Focus Frame - Choose your focus frame image, random
  • Digital Zoom - On or Off
  • R/L Key - Allows you to set the right and left keys to perform a different function
  • Quick Shutter - On, Off
  • Grid - On, Off
  • Review - On, Off
  • Icon Help - On, Off
  • Memory - Remembers the settings for the next time you start the camera


MENU (Quality tab):

  • Size - 12m (4000x3000), 3:2 (4000x2656), 16:9 (4000x2240), 8m (3264x2448),5m (2560x1920, 3m (2048x1536), VGA (640x480)
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal, Economy
  • Movie Quality - HD, STD, LP
  • EV Shift - Exposure compensation ±2.0EV in 0.3EV steps
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Shade, Fluorescent N, Fluorescent D, Tungsten, and Manual
  • ISO - Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
  • Metering - Multi, Center-weighted, Spot
  • Lighting - Extra, On, Off
  • Color Filter - Off, BW, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Sharpness +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
  • Saturation +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
  • Contrast +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
  • Flash Intensity +2, +1, 0, -1, -2

Casio Exilim EX-Z300

The EX-Z450 can record video with sound, and offers three modes : HD (1280x720, 24fps), Standard (640x480, 30fps) or LP (320x240, 15fps). There is a limit of 10 minutes per clip for YouTube video. The Optical zoom can be pre-set before recording starts, however it cannot be used during recording. You do have the option of using the digital zoom while recording but it appears to degrade the quality of of the movie. Movies are recorded in Motion JPEG .AVI format, with audio. Casio has added a one-touch button on the back of the camera for video recording. This means that you will not have to take the time to change to video mode, just press the record button while in any shooting mode and the camera will instantly start recording video at the preset quality.

Here you can see the different display modes. Changing the display is done using the top edge ("up") of the 4-way control. The user can choose between 3 scenarios: No information, Basic shooting information, and the latter with the addition of the histogram. A grid is available but has to be accessed through the menu, and will stay active through any of the 3 display choices.

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