Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the green Play button on the back of the camera will take you to the last video or image captured. Pressing "up" on your four-way pad will show you a display of the images default information, and pressing a second time will leave nothing but the image captured. The image size,(12-megapixel), quality, the ISO used, flash mode, time, and date are among the information shown here. The right and left directions on the 4-way pad allows you to scroll through stored videos and pictures.

By using the wide zoom control in play mode you will access the index page, which shows you 25 thumbnail images per page. Pressing a second time it will take you to a calender index page that breaks down the photos into what day they were taken. These options allow you to quickly search through your stored files.

Pressing the zoom control towards the telephoto position will allow you to enlarge the playback image. It can be magnified from 1.3x to 8x in several steps. By using the 4-way pad you can select any area of the photo to be magnified. A small yellow box will appear on the right to indicate which portion of the frame is being magnified.

Playback Menu:
    • Movie Converter - Used to convert still images into a Dynamic Photo movie
    • Art Effect - Portrays images in a paint mode.
    • DPOF Printing - Set images for printing
    • Protect - Protect files from deletion
    • Date/Time - Set the cameras Date and time function
    • Rotation - Change the orientation of an image
    • Resize - Change the size of an image
    • Trimming - Crop your image
    • Dubbing - Add a voice memo to an image
    • Copy - Copy back and forth between the internal memory and the SD card
    • Divide Group - Separates groups of images taken continuously

Here we see a movie in play mode. In play mode you must press the "SET" button and scroll to the Playback Start icon and press "SET" again to start the movie. Movies are played back in full screen mode, with the time, date, quality, file number, and running time displayed. During playback, the 4-way controller's up/down toggle will control the volume of the video, and the left and right buttons are used for slow-motion and fast-forward controls. The up key on the pad will also clear all the displayed information before playing the clip.

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