Features & Controls

Here you see the Casio EX-H5's 10x 24mm ultra-wide optical zoom lens. This lens is comprised of 11 lenses in 10 groups, including aspherical lens. The 35mm equivalent zoom range is 24 - 240mm. This is a retractable lens that features a built-in lens cover to protect the camera when powered down.

The EX-H5 uses a contrast detection AF system, which offers modes for: Auto Focus, Macro Mode, Super Macro, Infinity Mode, Manual Focus

Focus range:
  • Auto Focus: Approx. 5.9" to infinity (W)
  • Macro: Approx. 2.8" to 19.7" (First step from widest setting)
  • Infinity Mode: Infinity (W)
  • Manual Focus: Approx. 5.9" to infinity (W)

The built-in flash has 5 separate modes; Flash Auto, Flash Off, Flash On, Soft Flash and Red Eye Reduction.

Flash range:
  • Approx. 0.6'-13.7' ; (W); 1.6'-7.8' (T)
  • 6 second flash recharge time


There are minimal controls located on the top of the camera. You have the power on/off button as well as the shutter release. The shutter release is wrapped by the zoom toggle, which in play mode will control the index (left) and magnify (right) options.


On the back of the EX-H5 you will see a variety of controls that include record, camera, playback, and the delete button. From top to bottom; Top right is the video mode button that will send the camera into video mode, which allows you record movies at various resolution settings. Pressing the button a second time will end the video and take you back to still frame mode. The red camera button middle left will take you to capture mode, as well as power the camera on. Below that we have the 4-way controller that can change the display settings when pressing up, and the flash settings when pressed down. The middle SET button will open up the function menu. This is also used for selecting settings in the Menu. Here you will be able to see the record, quality, and set-up menus. Bottom left you see the playback mode button, that will allow you to browse through your videos and pictures, and also can be used as a power on button. To the right of our playback button you will see the delete key. In most cases it will delete photos or videos, however in some modes it acts as a back button.


The EX-H5 is equipped with an access port on the right side of the camera. This makes it easy to link the camera to your computer via the USB cord, or to a television through the AV cable. Both are included with the camera.

Casio's EX-H5 records images on SD or SDHC cards. Shown is a SanDisk Extreme III 1.0GB memory card, that is not included, but needed for normal usage.

The battery for the EX-H5 is a NP-80, 3.7V 700mAh Lithium-ion pack. Casio claims this pack will allow you to record for up to 1hr. 50mins. continuously, or capture up to 240 images on a full charge. They also note a continuous playback time of approx. 4hrs. 10 mins. The external charger with a power cord is also included.

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