Features & Controls

The EX-FC150 uses a lens that provides capabilities in an amazingly thin camera configuration. This is an all-glass, multicoated lens constructed of 9 lenses in 7 groups with a maximum aperture of F3.6 - F4.5 and zoom of 5x (37-185mm equivalent). It also has a 4x digital zoom option. The lens retracts fully inside of the camera when powered down and is protected by a built in lens cover. On power up it takes less than a second to extend the lens.

The Auto Focus (AF) system has options for Spot AF (center only), Free (auto selects one of nine AF areas), Tracking AF, Macro AF, Pan Focus, Infinity and Manual Focus. The EX-FC100 also features an AF-assist light to aid in accurate focusing in low light conditions.

The auto focus working range is:

  • Normal AF: 1.2ft. to infinity (wide angle)
  • Macro: 1.2 in. - 19.7 in. (wide angle)
  • Manual 1.2 in. to infinity (wide angle)


The built-in flash has modes for auto, flash on, flash off and red-eye reduction. The working range of the flash, using ISO Auto, is approx: Approx. .3 to 10.5 ft. (W) and approx. 2.0 to 8.2 ft. (T)


The controls that are located on the top of the camera are the (from left to right): SLOW button. Pushing this starts the camera into a slow motion pre-record mode. In this mode, the camera starts recording images and playing them back in slow motion saving up to three seconds at a time. Pressing the shutter button during this time will save the pre-recorded image. Moving right there is the power button, then directly under that is the HS (high speed) button. This will switch the camera from shooting in normal mode to shooting a maximum of 30 shots at high speed ranges from 1fps to 40 fps. Lastly we have the zoom toggle wrapped around the shutter release button.


The large 2.7-inch TFT Super Clear color LCD with 230,400 pixels of resolution serves as the viewfinder as well as for reviewing your images and movies and accessing the menu screens. In lower light conditions the LCD will 'gain up' for better framing.


Controls on the back:Starting at the top is the Movie mode shutter release. Coupled around it is a switch for regular and high-speed movie modes. Next is the Play and Record mode buttons. The 4-way controller lets you easily navigate menu screens or select images for playback, the center button accepts menu selections. You can program the 'Left' and 'Right' actions to preform a task in the Record menu but they cannot be programmed separately. In Record mode you push 'Up' to control the amount of info displayed on the LCD and 'Down' to change the flash mode or to delete an image when in Playback. The MENU button calls up and dismisses the menu system. The BS button calls up the BestShot scene mode menu.


The interface connector is a combination device used to connect either the USB 2.0 cable for downloading images to the host computer or connect the Audio-Video Out cable to a TV set. The video signal is selectable for NTSC or PAL. The USB cable can be connected to any PictBridge compatible photo printer for computer-free printing.


Still images and movie clips are stored on 85.9MB of internal flash memory or removable SD or SDHC. The camera is shown here with a fast and spacious SanDisk Ultra II, 4GB SDHC card.

Approx. Storage Capacities:



The proprietary NP-40 lithium battery pack is charged in the included AC charger. A fully discharged battery can be replenished in about two hours. This 3.7 volt battery is rated at 1300mA.

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