Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. The camera did not come with an AV cable, therefore we had to photograph the display.

The default view in playback mode shows no camera settings information. The 922,000-dot TFT LCD is bright and details look sharp.

Canon SX720-playback-info.jpg

Pressing the Info button on the back panel adds basic camera settings to the screen.

Canon SX720-playback-info2.jpg

A second press on the Info button adds more camera settings and information, such as the date/time and a histogram.

Canon SX720-playback-zoom.jpg

You can zoom in very closely to details in playback mode, using the zoom ring around the shutter button. The small box at the lower right shows you which portion of the image is magnified.

Canon SX720-playback-index6.jpg
Pressing the zoom ring leftward (wide angle) brings up a series of index screens. The first view shows six thumbnails.

Canon SX720-playback-index12.jpg
12 thumbnails appear in the next view

Canon SX720-playback-index36.jpg
The next view offers 36 thumbnails.

Canon SX720-playback-index100.jpg
The final index view crams 100 thumbnails onto the screen. Using the thumbnail views, you can whiz through many photos using the dial on the four-way control. However, it scrolls when you have multiple pages available, sliding the pages of thumbnails up or down. If you are looking at the 100-thumbnail preview, and you've taken fewer than 100 photos, the dial will not navigate through the individual thumbnails.

Canon SX540HS-playback-image-search.jpg
You can search your images by file type, shown above. The "digest" is for files recorded using the Hybrid Auto shooting mode, which alternates video footage with still images.

Canon SX540HS-playback-smart-shuffle.jpg
Another playback option is the Smart Shuffle feature, which slides images onto the screen like you're being dealt a hand of cards. This feature is found in the func./set menu.

Func./set menu (playback mode):
  • Rotate
  • Protect
  • Favorites (tag as favorite)
  • Smart Shuffle
  • Image search: Name, people, shot date, favorites, still image/movie)

Canon SX720-playback-edit-MyColors.jpg
In the main playback menu is the My Colors option, which allows you to apply the same set of filters you can use in shooting mode.

My Colors playback edit menu:
  • Vivid
  • Neutral
  • Sepia
  • Black & White
  • Positive Film
  • Lighter Skin Tone
  • Darker Skin Tone
  • Vivid Blue
  • Vivid Green
  • Vivid Red

Canon SX720-playback-dial-navigation.jpg
Using the dial to scroll through individual images is quite elegant. If you turn the dial fast enough, the previews get a little smaller so three images fit on screen. However, as you can see, the resolution is lower than when viewing a single shot full-screen.

Canon SX720-playback-WiFi button menu.jpg
The Wi-Fi button sits just beneath the mode dial, near the top of the back panel. This is where you go to transfer and share your images. The last selection (cloud icon), requires that you set up an account with Canon in order to select on which social sites you want to share your photos and videos.

Wi-Fi button menu:
  • Transfer images between cameras
  • Connect to smartphone
  • Connect to computer
  • Print on Wi-Fi printer
  • Update Web service

Canon SX720-playback-menu1.jpg
The playback menu is where you set up various types of image display modes. The top selection, Play Creative Shot movies, is for playing back videos recorded in Creative Shot mode. You can set up traditional albums by selecting the files yourself, or use Story Highlights, which automatically selects the images according to date or face ID.

Short Clip Mix allows you to merge multiple videos recorded using the short clip mode. Options include background music, if you choose, and 10 color effect options.

Short Clips color effect options:
  • Chic
  • Cyan
  • Cross processing
  • Pastel colors
  • Poster effect
  • Black and white
  • Retro
  • Fond memory
  • Morning meadow
  • Super vivid

Canon SX720-playback-movie.jpg
Movie playback offers an uncluttered screen for watching video footage.

Canon SX720-playback-movie edit.jpg
During movie playback, pressing the func./set button pauses the footage and brings up playback controls at the bottom of the screen. The edit function allows you to cut footage from the beginning and end of the video.

Movie playback controls (left to right):
  • Exit
  • Play
  • Slow motion
  • Skip backward
  • Previous frame
  • Next frame
  • Skip forward
  • Edit

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