Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. The camera did not come with an AV cable, therefore we had to photograph the display.

The default playback screen shows no camera settings information.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback2.jpg
Pressing downward on the four-way control adds basic file size and date/time information.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback3.jpg
This detailed information view includes a number of camera settings, such as ISO, shutter speed, and metering mode.

Although this same display is not accessible in record mode via the display position on the four-way control, you can select this in the menus as the quick review display.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-zoom.jpg
You can magnify your images significantly in playback, using the zoom ring. Note the small portion that's been magnified here.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-index6.jpg
Turning the zoom ring leftward launches a six-thumbnail view.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-index12.jpg
A second turn left on the zoom ring adds six more thumbnails to the display.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-index36.jpg
A third turn on the zoom ring brings up 36 thumbnails.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-index100.jpg
Still can't find it? You can cram 100 little thumbnails on the 3-inch screen.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-edit-MyColors.jpg
To edit images, you go to the playback menu. There you will find basic edits such as iContrast, red-eye correction and cropping. The sole creative treatment you can apply after the fact is one of the My Colors settings. Note that, unlike in shooting mode, you can not use the custom setting.

My Colors playback edit menu:
  • Vivid
  • Neutral
  • Sepia
  • Black & White
  • Positive Film
  • Lighter Skin Tone
  • Darker Skin Tone
  • Vivid Blue
  • Vivid Green
  • Vivid Red

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-favorites.jpg
You can tag images as favorites in playback mode, for later searching and inclusion in a photo book, for example.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-image search.jpg
The image search function offers four variations to help you locate your files. To access this menu, press the Function/Set button in the middle of the four-way control.

Image search menu:
  • Cancel
  • People (with detected faces)
  • Shot date
  • Favorites
  • Still image/movie

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-menu3.jpg
The playback menu is accessed via the Menu button on the back panel. Among the viewing options is the Group Images setting. Turning this on will show just one frame of a set of images shot in a burst; pressing the function/set button will reveal all individual frames in the set.

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-movie.jpg
This is the default movie playback view. Two additional views add settings information very similar to still image playback mode.

When you press the function/set button, however, playback of the video does not yet begin. You have to press the button again because the on-screen playback menu pops up with the first press. In this menu, you can choose instead to rotate or protect your video.

Playback menu for videos:
  • Rotate
  • Protect
  • Tag as favorite
  • Play movie
  • Smart shuffle
  • Image search
  • Slideshow

Canon Powershot SX530HS-playback-movie-edit.jpg
To access the movie editing function, you press the Set button to pause playback. This brings up a set of playback buttons: Play, slow motion, skip backward, etc. The edit (scissors) icon launches a trimming feature. This is your only video editing option - you cut the beginning and end of the footage. You can not apply any other filters.

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