Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. The SX40 kit does not include an AV cable, therefore we had to photograph the LCD for these screens.

When you press the Play button on the back, the last image/video captured or viewed will be displayed full screen. The amount of information displayed is controlled by pressing the DISP. button on the back. You have four choices; No information (best for sharing photos with friends), Minimal information (File number, image number, Image quality, Time and Date), Extended exposure information (Exposure mode, Metering, Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White balance, Exposure compensation, File size, image size, Histogram), and Zoom AF-point Preview.

Index mode can be accessed by pressing the zoom lever to the wide side. Canon gives you 4 sets of thumbnail images, allowing you to view 4, 9, 36 or 100 images at time.

Pressing the zoom lever towards the telephoto position allows you to zoom in on an image for critical inspection. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to navigate through the image. A small box on the right shows you what part of the image you are viewing.

Plalyback Menu Options:
  • Movie Digest Playback - View files captures using the Movie Digest mode
  • Smart Shuffle - Allows you to select one of four random images while looking at a 5th larger image
  • Slideshow - Runs a slideshow of the images saved on the camera's memory card
  • Erase - Erases all of the images on the memory card
  • Protect - Protects images from being deleted
  • Rotate - Changes the orientation of the images by 90° at a time
  • Favorites - Set images to be included in your favorites
  • My Category - Set images to fit in a specific category
  • i-Contrast - Auto adjusts the contrast of the image based on the settings: Auto, Low, Medium or High
  • Red-Eye Correction - Removes red-eye from your portrait shots
  • Trimming - Allows you to crop your image
  • Resize - Makes a separate smaller resolution copy of an image
  • My Colors - Change the color tone of the image
  • Scroll Display - On or Off
  • Group Images - On or Off
  • Auto Rotate - On or Off
  • Resume - Determines what image will be shown when you enter playback mode
  • Transition - Choose transitions for the slideshow

The print menu gives you options to print one, some or all of your images directly to a printer from the camera.

Pressing the SET button in the center of the 4-way controller will start playback of a video file, which you can watch on the LCD, or on your HDTV with optional HDMI cables.

Movie playback gives you all of the controls that you find on a DVR/VCR. You even have access to frame by frame and length editing options. Audio is played back on the camera's built-in speaker.

Camera Setup Menu Options:
  • Mute - On or Off
  • Volume - Adjust the volume of the different camera sounds
  • Sound Options - Change and adjust the camera sounds
  • Hints & Tips - On or Off
  • LCD Brightness - Adjust the brightness of the LCD
  • Start-up Image - Choose the image to be displayed on power-up
  • Format - Format the memory card
  • File Numbering - Continuous, Auto Reset
  • Create Folder - Create a storage folder for your images
  • Lens Retract - 0 sec., 1 min.
  • Power Saving - Auto Power Down, Display Off settings
  • Time Zone - Select a new location in the world to automatically change the time
  • Date/Time - Set the date and time
  • Distance Units - Focus distance in feet or meters
  • Video System - NTSC, PAL
  • Ctrl via HDMI - Enable or Disable
  • Eye-Fi Settings - Setup your Eye-Fi card settings; Enable/Disable transmission and Connection info.
  • Language - Choose from one of the 25 languages
  • Reset All - Reset the camera to the factory defaults

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