Canon Powershot SX200 IS Review

Playback Screens & Menus

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Pressing the Play button will switch the SX200 into Playback or 'Review' mode, and will display the last picture captured up in fullscreen mode with no overlay information (depending on menu settings). Pressing the DISPlay button controls the amount of data that will be shown on the LCD. These include the extended picture information screen with histogram, and AF-Point zoom preview.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Pressing the zoom control to Wide enables the thumbnail index mode. Here you can quickly search through the stored images and find one to playback in full screen mode. The camera will display 4, 9, 36, or 100 frames, depending on how many times you press the wide angle control.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

The playback image can be magnified up to 10X by pressing the zoom control to Tele. You can stop at any enlargement step and scroll around inside the image with the 4-way selector.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Play Menu:

    Slide Show - Plays a slide show of all of the images on the camera
    My Category - Allows you to view your pictures by category or allows
      you to label pictures with categories
    Erase - Allows you to erase one or all of the images on the memory card
    Protect - Allows you to protect images from being deleted
    i-Contrast - Brighten the background of images
    Red-Eye Correction - Removes Red-Eye from your images
    Trimming - Allows you to crop your images inside the camera
    Resize - Save the current image at a smaller resolution
    My Colors - Change the color scheme of the photo
    Rotate - Rotates the image 90° at a time
    Resume - Last Seen or Last Shot
    Transition - Choose a transition for viewing your photographs

The resize option allows you to save a smaller version of the original. Perfect for emailing and sharing on the web.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Here you can see the i-Contrast function in action, which raises the Gamma of an image to help brigten dark areas of the photograph.

Canon Powershot SX200 IS

Movies can be played back on the camera's LCD screen or a TV set when using the included A/V cable. Monoraul sound is played back through the camera's speaker. You get VCR-like controls to Play, Pause, Fast-forward, Rewind, etc.

Canon Powershot SD780 IS

You can also edit your movies inside the camera without a computer.

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