Features & Controls

Canon's 10x optical zoom lens included on the SD4500 IS has a 35mm equivalent of 36-360mm. This is a very large zoom for such a compact camera, and it completely folds up inside the camera when the power is turned off. The camera also includes Canon's optical image stabilization to help you keep your hand held images sharp, even in low-light situations.

Focus Range:
Normal: 2.0 in. (5cm) - infinity (W), 3.3 ft. (1m) - infinity (T)
Macro: 0.4 in. - 1.6 ft.. (1 - 50cm) (W)
Infinity: 9.8 ft. (3m) - infinity (W), 9.8 ft. (3m) - infinity (T)

Helping to light your low-light and indoor images is the SD4500 IS's built-in flash. With the ability to operate in Auto, Forced on and off, Slow Sync, Red-Eye Correction, Red-Eye Reduction Shutter Sync, Smart Flash Exposure, FE Lock and Safety FE; it will be ready to go in any situation.

Flash Range:
12 in. - 12 ft. (W), 3.3 - 6.6 ft. (T)

On the top of the SD4500 you will find several controls. First we have the Mode switch for selecting between Movie, Program AE, and Auto modes. Next is the Power button and Shutter release with the zoom controls mounted around it. During image review, the zoom controls also toggle the Index and Magnify playback options.

Framing and viewing you images, along with editing and changing your camera settings is accomplished on the 3-inch, 230,000 dot TFT LCD display with 100% frame coverage. Its 5 levels of brightness allow it to be seen easily in any lighting conditions.


With minimal, easy to use controls on the back of the SD4500 IS, you will have no problems with its operation. At the top is the dedicated movie recording button, allowing you to record videos even if you are not in movie mode. Next is the 4-way controller which also acts as a control dial. Up changes the Self-Timer, Right changes the flash, Down changes the amount of DISP. information on the LCD and Right enters macro mode. Inside is the FUNC./SET button with allows you to select an option or bring up the quick menu. On the bottom are the MENU and PLAYBACK buttons.


On the right side of the camera you will find the I/O ports. On top is the multi-function USB port, allowing you connect to a TV or computer. On the bottom is a HDMI port for watching your 1080p videos in HD on and HDTV.

With no built-in storage, the SD4500 IS relies completely on the use of SD/SDHC and now the new SDXC memory cards. For recording HD videos we recommend using an minimum card speed of class 4 to capture smooth videos. The camera is shown here with a large, speedy ADATA Class 6 SDHC card.

Image data

Large (L) Medium 1 (M1) Medium 2 (M2)
File Size (KB) 2,565 1,226 1,620 780 558 278
4GB 1,471 3,017 2,320 4,641 6,352 12,069
16GB 6,026 12,354 9,503 19,007 26,010 49,420

Small (S) Widescreen (W) Medium (M) in Low Light, Best Image Selection & High-Speed Burst
File Size (KB) 150 84 1,920 918 706 353
4GB 20,116 30,174 1,978 4,022 5,028 9,284
16GB 82,367 123,550 8,101 16,473 20,591 38,015

Movie data

Standard, Color Accent, Color Swap Super
Slow Motion
Full HD:
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
640 x 480 320 x 240 320 x 240
24 fps* 30 fps* 30 fps* 30 fps* 240 fps**
Video size (KB/sec.) 4,335 3,054 1,416 495 2,457
4GB 14 min.
34 sec.
20 min.
43 sec.
43 min.
43 sec.
1hr. 58 min.
19 sec.
25 min.
46 sec.
16GB 59 min.
40 sec.
1 hr. 24 min.
54 sec.
2 hr. 59 min.
03 sec.
8 hr. 4 min.
30 sec.
1 hr. 45 min.
35 sec.

Miniature Effect

HD: 1280 x 720

640 x 480
6 fps 3 fps 1.5 fps 6 fps 3 fps 1.5 fps
Video size (KB/sec.) 573 287 143 246 123 61
4GB 1 hr. 45 min.
52 sec.
3 hr. 21 min.
09 sec.
5 hr. 35 min.
16 sec.
3 hr. 43 min.
30 sec.
6 hr. 42 min.
20 sec.
11 hr. 10 min.
33 sec.
16GB 7 hr. 13 min.
30 sec.
13 hr. 43 min.
40 sec.
13 hr. 43 min.
40 sec.
15 hr. 15 min.
11 sec.
27 hr. 27 min.
20 sec.
45 hr. 45 min.
35 sec.

Powering the SD4500 IS is a 3.5V, 870mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Also included is a portable quick charger, allowing you to charge your batteries anywhere. Canon claims that the battery is able to capture up to 150 images on a single charge.

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