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Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

The SD200 features a 3X (35-105mm in the 35mm format) f/2.8-4.9 all-glass aspherical zoom lens. This is a new lens featuring Canon's exclusive Ultra High Refractive Index Aspherical technology (UA) which produces outstanding sharpness and clarity. It allows the camera body to be even thinner and more compact than previous models with smaller zoom ratios. The UA technology produces crystal clear images at all focal lengths. When powered down, the lens is retracted inside of the body and a built in shutter closes to completely protect the lens.

An advanced TTL AiAF 9-point autofocus system permits the camera to automatically select the primary subject even when off-center. Focusing range is 1 foot (30cm) to infinity in normal mode and macro coverage is 1.2 to 18 inches (3-50cm) in wide angle and 12 to 18 inches (30-50cm) in telephoto. It also features a digital macro mode with coverage from 1.2 to 3.9 inches (3-10cm).

The autofocus is light-assisted and works properly even in the dark. The AF-assist illuminator also functions as the selftimer indicator.

The built in flash offers Auto, On, Off, Red-Eye Reduction and Slow-Synchro modes. Flash range is 1.6 to 11.5 ft. (50cm-3.5m) in wide angle, 1.6 to 6.6 ft. (50cm-2.0m) in telephoto or 1 to 1.6 ft. (30-50cm) in macro mode (with ISO set to Auto.) The focus-assist lamp also serves as the red-eye reduction lamp.

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

You can frame your pictures with the color LCD or to save precious battery power you can use the optical eyelevel finder. This is a coupled viewfinder with approx. 82% coverage. It has no dioptric adjustment. Next to the finder are two LEDs that indicate the flash and focus status.

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

Controls on the top include the Power On/Off button, the shutter release button and the zoom lens control around the shutter release. The zoom lens control also functions as the magnify and index buttons in playback mode.

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

Controls on the back are minimal but effective. On top is the Mode Switch with positions for Play, Movie and Record. The 4-way controller lets you navigate menus and select images during playback. In record mode you press "Up" to change metering mode, press "Right" to change flash modes, press "Down" to change the drive mode and press "Left" to change the focus mode. In the center is the FUNC./SET button which gives you access to the Function menu in record mode or accepts menu options and settings. Below right is the Print/Share button, which allows you easy access to printing and transferring images to your computer (Windows users only). The MENU button calls up and dismisses the menus, the DISPlay button turns the color LCD on/off and controls the amount of data displayed on it.

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

The DIGITAL port connects USB to the computer for image and movie download. The AV Out handles monaural audio and the video signal can be connected to your TV set with the supplied cables.

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

The PowerShot SD200 is equipped with a Secure Digital (SD) card slot and comes with a 16MB SD card. It can handle any capacity SD card such as the Sandisk 512MB Ultra II card shown here.

Approximate Storage Capacities

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

Canon PowerShot  SD200 Digital ELPH

The SD200 comes with a Canon NB-4L 3.7v 760mAh lithium rechargeable battery pack. Canon claims a fully charged battery can record 140 shots with the LCD on or 400 shots with it off and a replay time of approx. 180 minutes.

The supplied 100-240V CB-2LV rapid charger plugs directly in the wall socket and charges the battery "out of the camera" which is very handy if you have a second battery (highly recommended!) The normal charging time is 90 minutes.

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