Canon Powershot S80 Review

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Canon Powershot S80

USB Auto Download

When you connect the camera to your computer via the USB port it will automatically
initiate the menu shown above - you can initiate Download of your images using the menu or the S80's Print/Share button, or open the Camera Window to browse and mark the images for download.

Canon Powershot S80

Image Download is a simple and automatic thing. A thumbnail of the image currently being transferred is displayed. You can change the output folder and sub-folder location in ZoomBrowser. It can be set to save images in a new sub-folder using the capture date or other parameters. This options transfers ALL files in the camera, if you want to selectively download images then use the List Images option (see next frame).

Canon Powershot S80

This is the CameraWindow, from here you can see a list and thumbnails of all images in the camera. You can selectively tag and transfer as many images as desired. You can also launch ZoomBrowser to print or view or tag images to be resized and sent via email.


Canon Powershot S80

Canon's Zoom Browser is like a graphical Explorer for your image files. You can just double-click to view a JPEG or use the menu on the left side for these options:

    Acquire & Camera settings
      Acquire Images Open Camera WIndow to initiate image download
      Print Images
      Set to Camera Set Camera startup image and sounds, view slide show, format memory card, upload images to camera
      Remote Shooting Start the Remote Capture program (see next page)

    View & Classify
      View as a Slide show Select images & view a slide show
      Rename Multiple Files Rename image files using a combination of prefix, date and a sequential number
      Classify Into Folder Select and move image files into date-oriented folders
      Search Find images by shooting date, modification date, comment, or keywords

      Edit Image Red eye correction, image correction, crop or edit with an external image editor
      Stitch Images Open PhotoStitch to create panoramic images
      Edit Movie

    Export Still Images, Movies, Extract frames from a movie, Shooting Properties, Screen Saver, Wallpaper or Backup to CD

      One photo per page Layout print design
      Layout Print Layout print design
      Print using other software

      Email Images Downsize, compress and email images

Canon Powershot S80

The Image Correction window lets you adjust color, brightness and contrast. Other editing functions include Red eye reduction, Auto adjustment, Sharpness, Trim, Insert text, Edit with external image editor.

Canon Powershot S80

Select a thumbnail and click on Properties to display image info.

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