Canon Powershot S50 Review

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Canon Powershot S50

USB Auto Download

When you connect the S50 to your computer via the USB port it will automatically
initiate the download application as shown above. (These screens were taken
from our G3 review, the S50's software is the same.)

Canon Powershot S50

You can select what folder to send the images to and optionally create
a new folder based on the shooting date or download date.

Canon Powershot S50

The USB 1.1 port transfers JPEGs in 3 secs and raw files take about 7 secs.


Canon Powershot S50

Canon's Zoom Browser is like a graphical Explorer for your image files. You can just double-click to view a JPEG or convert and view a raw CRW file or use the menu on the left side for these options:

    Camera & Memory Card
      Browse & Download Images Browse images in the camera or card reader. Tag one or more file(s) or select ALL for transfer to the hard drive.
      Upload Images Upload images back to the camera
      My Camera Settings Display current camera settings
      Remote Shooting Start the Remote Capture program (see next page)

      Easy Photo Print Print images with EasyPhoto or PhotoRecord programs
      Layout Print Layout print design
      Index Print Print index sheets

    View & Modify
      Slide Show Automated playback of images
      Edit Image Launch graphic editor
      Process RAW Images Convert .CRW files to TIFF or JPEG

      Email Images Downsize, compress and email images

Canon Powershot S50

The Camera Settings dialogue box

Canon Powershot S50

The editor window lets you crop or adjust color, brightness and contrast.

RAW Conversion

Canon Powershot S50

The File Viewer Utility lets you convert raw .CRW files to TIFF or JPEG format. Before conversion you can select a different white balance or color effect and apply it to the raw data.

An excellent third-party program that reads Canon S50 RAW image data is Chris Breeze's BreezeBrowser for Windows. It handles RAW data from any Canon camera including the new EOS 10D and D60 SLRs too.

Canon Powershot S50

Canon raw .CRW files can be saved as Exif-JPEG, Exif-TIFF or 16-bit TIFF.

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