Record Screens & Menus

Auto shooting mode makes the camera as easy to use as possible, selecting all of the camera settings and scene mode for you. This allows anyone to pick up the camera and start shooting. Full 1080p HD video capabilities are also available and ready in this mode. All you have to do is press the video record button to start recording.

Program mode is still an automatic shooting mode, but it does give the photographer a little bit of control with most of the shooting settings. Here you can see on the screen that the ISO speed can be adjusted using the lens ring on the front.

When the camera is focused and ready, the area of focus will show in the green box as above. ISO, shutter speed and aperture are also shown on the bottom. If you are in Auto mode (above) the top right will also show your scene mode if one is selected.

Scene Modes: Movie Digest, Portrait, Landscape, Kids&Pets, Smart Shutter, High-Speed Burst HQ, Handheld NightScene, Beach, Underwater, Foliage, Snow, Fireworks, Stitch Assist

There is also a list of special effect scene modes that include in-camera HDR, Nostalgic, Fish-Eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, MonoChrome, Super Vivid, Poster Effect, Color Accent, Color Swap

The 4-way controller built into the S100 works as a shortcut for the Exposure Compensation, Flash, Macro Focus and Display settings. Pressing in the middle selects a setting or opens the Func. Menu. Around the controller is a dial for quickly making your selections and adjusting your shooting settings.

Function Menu:
  • DR Correction - Off, Auto, 200%, 400%,
  • ISO - Auto, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800,1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200, 4000, 5000 or 6400
  • White Balance - Auto, Day Light, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Flash, Underwater (with optional housing) and Custom one-push WB set; pressing the DISP. button or rotating the control ring on the front of the camera allows you to manual adjust each setting
  • My Colors - Off, Vivid, Neutral, Sepia, B&W, Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red, Custom Color
  • Bracketing - Off, AE bracketing, Focus bracketing
  • Drive Mode - Single, Continuous, Continuous Shooting AF
  • Self-Timer - 10 seconds, 2 seconds, Custom
  • Focus Mode - Face AiAF, Tracking AF, FlexiZone
  • Metering - Evaluative, Center Weighted average, Spot
  • Neutral Density Filter - On or Off
  • Aspect Ratio - 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 4:5
  • Image Format - JPEG, RAW, RAW+JPEG
  • Image Size/Quality - Large 4000x3000, Medium1 2816x2112, Medium2 1600x1200, Small 640x480
  • Video Image Size - 1920, 1280, 640

Shooting Menu:
  • AF Frame Size - Normal or Small (Center AF mode only)
  • Digital Zoom - Off, 1.5x, 2.0x, Standard
  • AF-Point Zoom - On or Off
  • Servo AF - On or Off
  • AF Assist Beam - On or Off
  • MF-Point Zoom - On = Enlarge focus point during manual focus
  • Safety MF - On or Off
  • Flash Settings - Adjust Flash Exposure comp., Shutter Sync., Slow Synchro, Red-Eye Corr./Lamp and Safety FE
  • ISO Auto Settings - Max ISo Speed, Rate of Change
  • High ISO NR - Standard, High, Low
  • Spot AE Point - Center, AF Point
  • Wind Filter - On or Off
  • Review - Off, Hold or 2 - 10 secs
  • Review Info - Off, Detailed or Focus Check
  • Blink Detection - On or Off
  • Custom Display - Customize the camera's display (Shooting info, Grid lines, 3:2 Guide, Histogram
  • IS Settings - IS Mode and Powered IS settings
  • Date Stamp - Off, Date or Date&Time
  • Set Control Ring Function - Choose the function of the Control Ring
  • Set Ring Func. Button - Set button to one of a number of settings
  • Save Settings - Saves current settings to Custom on the mode dial

The ring on the front of the camera allows you to change a setting just like using the zoom on a dSLR lens. Above are some of the settings that can be assigned to the ring.

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