Playback Screens & Menus

Playback info 2 GIF.gif

To see the images stored on the PowerShot G5 X's memory card, just press the Playback button in the lower right corner of the back of the camera. With a single image displayed on the screen, you can see four different screens of information about the image by pressing the Info button (lower portion of the four-way button).

  • No data
  • Limited data, including shutter speed, aperture, EV, and ISO
  • Extensive data, with date and time, a histogram, white balance, focus mode, resolution, and shooting mode added to the limited data
  • Most data removed, but four histograms displayed

Canon's Q menu is available in Playback mode for the G5 X, providing shortcuts to commonly used features that you can use to edit stored photos. Press the Q/Set button on the back of the camera to open the Q menu, where the options are:

  • Protect - Protect, Off
  • Rotate - 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees
  • Favorites - Tag, Off
  • Image Search
  • Resize - M2, S
  • Crop
The curved arrow icon is the back button. You can use the touchscreen to select the Q menu buttons or use the four-way button to move between options.

playback stored images.jpg
Spin the four-way button on the back of the camera in Playback menu until you see the display screen as shown here. You can move through the images quickly using this method. You also can scroll through images sorted by the date they were shot using this method by pressing the up or down portion of the four-way button.

Playback thumbnail GIF.gif
If you'd rather scroll through stored images using thumbnails, press the zoom ring to the left multiple times to increase the number of thumbnails in the grid. The different grid options are 2x3, 3x4, 6x7, and 10x11. Press the zoom ring to the right to decrease the number of thumbnails. You can also access the grid thumbnails by dragging your fingers across the touch screen in an inward pinching motion with a single image displayed on the screen.

Playback zoom GIF.gif
To magnify a stored image on the PowerShot G5 X, either drag your fingers across the screen in an outward pinching motion or press the camera's zoom ring to the right. Ten levels of magnification are available with the current magnification setting shown in the lower right corner. The large box represents the entire photo, while the current view is represented by the small white rectangle inside the box.

movie info GIF.gif

Use the Info button on the back of the Canon PowerShot G5 X to view additional data about the movies you've recorded too, including histograms and detailed recording information.

movie playback GIF.gif

When you're ready to play a movie you have stored on the G5 X, display it on the screen in Playback mode. Then press the Q/Set button twice to start the playback. Press Q/Set during playback to pause the playback, giving you access to a set of buttons across the bottom of the screen, including fast forward, reverse, and crop.

Playback menu.jpg

Canon has color coded its camera menus for the G5 X, and the Playback menu is blue. Press the Menu button on the back of the camera while in Playback mode to see the Playback menu, which is marked with a play icon in the tab at the upper left. (You'll see the Setup menu tab displayed too with the wrench icon.) You'll see the same numbered tabs design across the top of the screen that you saw with the Shooting and Setup menus we discussed on the previous page. The Playback menu options are:

  • Protect - Select, Select Range, Protect All Images, Unprotect All Images
  • Rotate - 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees
  • Erase - Select, Select Range, Select All Images
  • Favorites
  • Slideshow - Start, Set Up (Repeat (On, Off), Play Time (3-30 seconds), Effect (Off, Fade))
  • Album Playback
  • List/Play Digest Movies
  • Play Creative Shot Movies
  • Short Clip Mix - Merge Clips, Play Back Movie
  • Image Search - Favorites, Shot Date, People, Still Image/Movie, Face ID
  • i-Contrast - Auto, Low, Medium, High
  • Resize - M2, S
  • Cropping
  • Red-Eye Correction
  • My Colors - (discussed below)
  • Face ID Info - Name Display (On, Off), Edit ID Info
  • Print Settings - Print, Select Images & Qty., Select Range, Select All Images, Clear All Selections, Print Settings
  • Photobook Set-Up - Select, Select All Images, Clear All Selections
  • Transition Effect - Fade, Off
  • Index Effect - On, Off
  • Scroll Display - On, Off
  • Group Images - On, Off
  • Auto Rotate - On, Off
  • Resume - Last Seen, Last Shot
  • Image Jump With Command Dial - 1, 10, 100, Shot Date, Favorites
  • Set Touch Actions - Favorites, To Smartphone, Erase, Slideshow

Playback color edit GIF.gif
One option for editing stored photos is adding a color tint. Through the Canon G5 X's Playback menu, as described above, select My Colors on page three. Then press the Q/Set button to open the menu of options along the bottom of the screen, which includes:

  • Vivid
  • Neutral
  • Sepia
  • B/W
  • Positive Film
  • Lighter Skin Tone
  • Darker Skin Tone
  • Vivid Blue
  • Vivid Green
  • Vivid Red

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