Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of our screen samples, the 510 HS camera kit does not include AV cables, therefore we had to photograph the LCD for the following screen captures.

Pressing the 510's playback button on the back (the only button on the back) will display either the last photo or video captured, or the last file viewed. You can scroll through files by touching the left and right arrows, or dragging your finger nail left or right across the screen.

Tapping the DISP. icon allows you to change the amount of information on the screen. Above is the extended exposure info screen, which gives you quite a bit of information about the shot. Tapping the "off" button at the top right will clear all info from the screen; good for when sharing with friends and family on your TV or HDTV.


You have two ways to access the 510's Index view. You can touch the Index button at the top left of the screen, which will bring up the above menu. Or, you can use the wide angle zoom control to cycle through the different options. Either way, the index function helps you quickly search through all your stored files.

Moving the zoom lever to the telephoto position will enter the Magnify function. Here you can zoom in up to 10x in several steps to closely examine a photo for sharpness, etc. Once enlarged, you can use your finger nail to move around inside the image.

Playback Func. Men options:
  • Rotate
  • Print List
  • Protect
  • Favorites
  • Erase
  • Movie Digest Playback
  • Smart Shuffle
  • Filtered Playback
  • Slideshow
  • My Category


Print Menu:

  • Print
  • Select Images & Qty.
  • Select All Images
  • Clear All Selections
  • Print Settings


Playback Menu:

  • Slide Show - Runs a slide show of all the images on the memory card
  • Erase - Erase all images from the memory card
  • Protect - Protect an image from being deleted
  • Rotate - Change the orientation of your image by 90° at a time
  • Favorites - Tag an image or movie clip as a favorite
  • My Category - Sorts images by category
  • Photobook Set-up - Set up a collection of images for a photobook
  • i-Contrast - Retain shadow detail in high contrast scenes
  • Red-Eye Correction- Removes redness from the eyes of your subjects
  • Trimming - Trim an image to a specified area
  • Resize - Save a smaller copy of a photograph
  • My Color - Apply various color effects
  • Active Display - Switch images by tapping the sides of the camera
  • Scroll Display - Displays image before and after current image
  • Group Images - Groups High Speed Burst Images
  • Auto Rotate - Matches the images to the camera's orientation
  • Resume - Select the image that will be seen when you turn the camera to playback mode
  • Transition - Select a transition for browsing your photos
  • Set touch Actions - register functions to Touch Actions

To play a video file, you simply touch the play button.

If you touch the screen again it will pause the video and give you access to the above controls to Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Frame by Frame or Cut a movie. You can also adjust the playback volume.

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