Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the Play button enters the camera into playback mode, which will display that last image captured, or the last image that you have looked at based on the current camera settings. The DISP. button allows you to change the amount of shooting information that is shown about the current image.

Index mode can be accessed by pressing the wide side of the zoom lever. Index mode allows you to quickly search through the images that you have stored on your memory card by viewing the thumbnails that are displayed.

Pressing the Up button on the 4-way controller allows the camera to "jump" 10 or 100 images at a time, as well as by movie, to first, people or shot date.

Pressing the Telephoto side of the zoom lever allows you to zoom in on your saved images. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around your images.


Playback Menu:

    Info Display - Off, Standard, Detailed, Focus Check
    Slide Show
    - Runs a slide show of all the images on the memory card
    Erase All - Erase all images from the memory card
    Protect - Protect an image from being deleted
    Rotate - Change the orientation of your image by 90° at a time
    Red Eye Correction - Removes redness from the eyes of your subjects
    Resize - Save a smaller copy of a photograph
    Resume - Select the image that will be seen when you turn the camera to playback mode
    Transition - Select a transition for browsing your photos

Resize allows you to make a copy smaller copy of any image that is already saved on your memory card. This is a fast and easy way to resize your images for uploading the web or sending to friends and family via email.

Rotate allows you to change the orientation of an image by 90° at a time.


Print Menu:

    Select Images & Qty.
    Select All Images
    Clear All Selections
    Print Settings

Videos can be played back on the camera's LCD screen or on a TV via the A/V cable. The VCR/DVR-like controls allow for easy frame-by-frame control over the video.


Camera Setup Menu:

    Mute - On or Off
    Volume - Change the volume for the different sounds and movie playback
    Start-up Image - On or Off
    Format - Format the memory card
    File Numbering - Continuous, Auto Reset
    Create Folder - Create a folder on the memory card for saving your photographs
    Lens Retract - 0 sec, 1 min
    Power Saving - Auto Power Down (On or Off), Display Off (10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3 minutes)
    Date/Time - Set the date and time
    Video System - NTSC or PAL
    Language - Choose from one of the many languages
    Reset All - Reset all options back to the factory defaults

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