Canon Powershot A430 Review

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Canon Powershot A430

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

When you switch to Playback mode, the last picture captured is displayed full screen. Pressing the DISP button toggles the extended exposure information seen in the next frame.

Canon PowerShot A430

The extended exposure information includes the file name, (histogram display not on A430), recording mode (auto or manual), exposure compensation, white balance setting, ISO speed, flash mode used, metering mode, frame number / number total recorded, size/quality settings, and the date and time of capture.

Canon PowerShot A430 Zoom

Press and hold FUNC/SET button for two seconds to display the thumbnail index mode with nine small images per page. You can quickly go through stored images and find the one you want to display full screen.

Canon Powershot A95

The image can be magnified up to 10x in ten steps by pressing the telephoto zoom button. Once the image is enlarged at any step, you can move around inside of it using the 4-way selector buttons.

Canon Powershot A95

Pressing the MENU button brings up this page of options. Protect or unprotect image(s), rotate portrait mode image for display on TV, Sound Memo will let you attach up to a 60 sec voice "note" with an image, Erase all will delete ALL the images, Auto Play is for automated playback on a TV, Print Order lets you set the DPOF printing information, and Transfer Order lets you select the order from which the images are transferred to your computer.

Canon Powershot A95

You can record an audio memo of up to 60 seconds and attach it to a still image.

Canon Powershot A95

You get "VCR-like" buttons to control the playback of movie clips.

Canon Powershot A95

You can also edit the length of a movie clip.

Canon Powershot A95

The Print menu lets you select images to print, # to print, and the print settings.

The Setup menu lets you to turn the Beep sounds on/off, adjust the volume of several functions, adjust the LCD's brightness, enable the Auto Power Down option (off, on), set the time and date in the internal clock, format the SD card, reset the file numbering, set the menu language, and reset all settings to default.

The My Camera menu lets you set a startup image, sounds and camera sound effects.

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