Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. The PowerShot A2400 IS kit does not include an AV output cable, therefore we had to photograph the LCD.

playback - A2400 photo info GIF.gif
The Playback button on the back of the PowerShot A2400 IS is at the lower left of the control buttons. When you press it, you'll see the images stored on the memory card. You scroll through them by pressing the right and left buttons on the four-way button. If you press the DISP button repeatedly, you can cause the information about each photo's settings to toggle on the screen, as shown here. You can scroll through an image with no information, to an image with limited information, to an image with detailed information, including a histogram and all of the camera's settings.

If you have a large number of images stored on the memory card, you can use the A2400's Index function to find the photo you want more quickly. With the Playback function activated, press the zoom ring to the left (Wide), and you'll go from having one image on the screen to a 2-by-2 layout on the screen (four total thumbnail images). Continuing to press the zoom ring to the left will allow more thumbnails to appear on the screen, in grids of 3x3, 6x6, and 10x10 (9, 36, and 100 images). Use the four-way controller to highlight the thumbnail image you want and press the FUNC/SET button. To go from a grid of smaller thumbnails to one with larger thumbnails, press the zoom ring to the right.

Canon included a Magnify option with the Playback function. With a single image on the Playback screen, press the zoom ring to the right (Telephoto). This will cause the image to magnify on the screen. You can magnify in 10 steps, and a small map will appear in the lower right corner of the image, showing you how much of the total image is currently displayed on the screen. To move to a different portion of the image, use the four-way controller, and the map will adjust. Use this feature to check whether the focus on your image is sharp. Press the FUNC/SET button while the image is magnified to allow you to move to a new image with the same magnification level.

playback - A2400 delete.jpg

To delete a photo, press the Trash Can/Auto button while the image is on the screen. When asked if you want to Erase, as shown here, highlight the Erase button and press the FUNC/SET button.

playback - A2400 slideshow menu.jpg
The Playback menu options on the A2400 IS include:

  • Jump Search - Jump by Shot Date, Jump to Movie, Jump to First, Jump by 100 images, or Jump by 10 images
  • Slideshow - Start an automated slideshow of your images, including selecting Repeat (On or Off), Play Time (3 to 30 seconds), and Effect (Fade, Slide, or Off)
  • Erase All - Erase all files from the SD card
  • Protect - Protect an image or video from deletion by pressing the FUNC/SET button
  • Rotate - Rotate an image 90 degrees at a time by pressing the FUNC/SET button
  • Photobook Set-up - Choose images that you want to transfer to your computer to create a photobook using Canon's software
  • i-Contrast - Adjust the contrast of a photo (Low, Medium, or High)
  • Red-eye Correction - Fix red-eye problems in your photos
  • Resize - Change the size of the selected photo to size that's smaller than the current size
  • Auto Rotate - On or Off
  • Resume - Last Shot or Last Seen
  • Transition - Fade, Slide, or Off

playback - A2400 print menu.jpg
You can use the Print DPOF menu to directly print images from the camera to compatible printers through your USB cable, including PictBridge, Canon SELPHY, and Canon PIXMA printers. The menu options include:

  • Print - Choose the images to print
  • Select Images & Qty - Specify how many prints to make of each image
  • Select All Images - Print one copy of each image
  • Clear All Selections - Remove the Print selection from all images
  • Print Settings - Select Print Type (Standard, Index, or Both), using Index to print a sheet of thumbnail images; Date (On or Off); File No. (On or Off); Clear DPOF Data (On or Off)

playback - A2400 movie info GIF.gif
Through the Playback function, you can play video files, once they're on the screen. Press the FUNC/SET button to place the video control buttons on the screen, which look like DVD buttons. Use the four-way controller and the FUNC/SET button to make your selections. In addition, you can see data about the videos when they're on the screen by pressing the A2400's DISP button. Pressing DISP once places minimal data about the video on the screen, and pressing DISP again calls up detailed information, including a histogram.


Finally, Canon has included a Help button with the PowerShot A2400 IS. If you have a specific function selected, pressing the Help button will call up a specific help topic; such as on "Moving Subjects," as shown here. Pressing the Help button in a general mode will call up a general help screen with several subjects. To drill down, such as into "Near and Far Subjects," use the four-way controller to highlight the topic you want and press the FUNC/SET button. The line drawing of the A2400 camera on the left side of the general Help screen shows the button you can use to activate the function you've highlighted. Although the Help feature is nice, its information only will really appeal to beginning photographers.

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