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Playback Mode Screens & Menus

The LCD screens that you see in this review had to be photographed as there is no video out- port that we normally use to capture the displays with. LCD monitors on any camera were never designed with enough resolution to be photographed. So we hope you understand why these screen captures are not up to standard.

Canon PowerShot A200

When you press the PLAY mode button on the back the last picture captured is displayed full screen. Pressing it again toggles the extended exposure information that includes the recording mode (auto or manual), the flash mode, white balance setting, focus mode, exposure compensation if any, frame number / number total recorded, quality-resolution settings, and the date and time of capture.

Canon PowerShot A200 Zoom

Pressing the telephoto zoom button while an image is displayed full screen will magnify it 10X in ten steps to allow for critical examination of details on the small LCD. You can scroll around the image while it is magnified with the 4 way navigation control.

Canon PowerShot A200 Zoom

Pressing the wide angle zoom button brings the thumbnail index mode with nine small images per page. You can quickly go through stored images and find the one you want to display full screen.

Canon PowerShot A200 Zoom

If you have a lot of images on a large CF card you can use the Quick Jump feature to go forward or backward more quickly moving 9 images at a time. Quick Jump is accessed simply by pressing the wide angle/ index button a second time.

Canon PowerShot A200

The Play mode menu options are shown above. You can protect or unprotect images, rotate portrait mode images, erase all frames, Auto Play all images for a slide-show on the screen, set Print Order information to the desired images, and Transfer Print Ordered images.

The second page of the Play menu is the same SET UP menu that appears in the Record Menu. Its options are Sound, Auto Power Down, Date/Time, Formatting the CF card, Menu Language.

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