Record Screens & Menus

Scene Recognition Auto is Canon's fully automatic shooting mode. While allowing you to just point-n-shoot; the camera does all of the work, even analyzing and choosing the best scene mode for your current shooting situation. This gives you the best possible results for most shooting situations, without having all of the knowledge of professional.

Program mode is another automatic shooting mode that gives some of the creative control to the photographer. The camera takes control of the aperture and shutter, while the other settings are at your disposal. Pressing the INFO button lets you change the amount of shooting information that is shown on the LCD screen. Depending on the setting, the camera and touch LCD offer some quick shortcuts via the touchscreen.

Manual shooting mode, along with Aperture and Shutter Priority offer you the exact amount of control that you are looking for. This gives you total creative freedom, making this camera fun for everyone, no matter what their photography experience.

To assist you with your creative shooting, an entire set of creative filters have been designed to assist you with some effects that may take a lot of time or you do not know how to create on your own: Grainy B&W, Soft Focus, Fish-eye Effect, Art Bold Effect, Water Painting Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect, HDR.

Scene Modes: Self Portrait, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Food, Panning, Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control.

The "Q" button or icon brings up the camera's quick menu. Here you have a slew of shooting settings that can be adjusted quickly either with the 4-way controller or the touchscreen. The list of settings depends on the camera's shooting mode, only allowing you to see the settings that are available.

Program Menu

  • Image Quality - JPEG (L Superfine 18MP, L Fine 18MP, M Superfine 12MP, M Fine 12MP, S1 Superfine 6M, S1 Fine 6M, S2 4M, S3 0.3M) RAW
  • Still Image Aspect Ratio - 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1
  • Shooting Information Display - Display Switching (Choose the amount of info setups that show when pressing the INFO button), Grid Display (3x3 grid, 4x5 grid), Histogram (Brightness, RGB)
  • Exposure Simulation - Enable, Disable
  • Reverse Disp. - On or Off
  • Display Mode - Display Priority: Power Saving, Smooth
  • VF Display Format - Display 1 or Display 2
  • Image Review - Display Time (Off, 2 sec., 4 sec., 8 sec., Hold)
  • Touch Shutter - On, Off (Icon - On or Off)
  • Touch & Drag AF settings - Touch & Drag AF (Enable, Disable), Pos'n method (Absolute, Relative), Active Touch Area (Whole Panel, Right, Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, Top Left, Bottom Left)
  • Quick Setting Menu Layout - Choose which settings will appear in the Quick Menu
  • AF Operation - One Shot, Servo
  • AF Method - Face + Tracking, Smooth Zone AF, 1-point AF
  • AF Frame Size - Normal, Small
  • Continuous AF - Off, On
  • Focus Mode - AF, MF, AF+MF
  • AF Assist Beam (LED)Firing - On or Off
  • MF Peaking Settings - Peaking (Off, On), Level (Low, High), Color (Red, Yellow, Blue)
  • IS Settings - IS Mode (Off, Continuous), Digital IS (1, 2)
  • Movie Auto Level - Enable, Disable
  • Lens Aberration Correction - Peripheral illumination, Chromatic aberration, Diffraction
  • AEB - ±3 (Darker to Lighter)
  • ISO Speed - ISO Speed (Auto, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6400, 8000, 10000, 12800, 16000, 20000, 25600), ISO Auto Settings (Max ISO Speed (400, 800, 1600, 6400, 12800, 25600))
  • Highlight Tone Priority - off, Enable
  • Auto Light Optimizer - Off, Low, Standard, High
  • Metering Mode - Evaluative, Partial, Spot, Center-weighted
Flash Control:
    • Flash Firing - Auto, On, Slow Synchro, Off
    • E-TTL II Metering - Evaluative, Average
    • Red-eye Reduction - On or Off
    • Safety FE - Enable, Disable
    • Built-in Flash Settings - Flash Mode, Shutter Sync, Exposure Compensation
    • External Flash Settings - Flash Mode, Shutter Sync, Exposure Compensation
    • External Flash Func. Setting -
    • External Flash C.Fn Setting -
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, White Fluorescent, Flash, Custom, Color Temp
  • Custom White Balance - Set white balance manually
  • WB Correction - Manually make slight adjustments for the perfect colors (Horizontal (B9 to A9), Vertical (G9 to M9))
  • Picture Style - Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Fine Detail, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Def. 1-3
  • Long Exp. Noise Reduction - Off, Auto, On
  • High ISO speed NR - Off, Low, Standard, High, Multi-Shot
  • Drive Mode - Single, High Speed Continuous, Low Speed Continuous
  • Self-timer/Remote ctrl - Off, 10 sec, 2 sec, Custom, Remote
  • Movie Rec Size - Full HD 59.94fps, Full HD 29.97fps, Full HD 23.98fps, 720 HD 59.94fps, VGA 29.97fps
Sound Recording:
    • Sound Recording - Auto, Manual, Disable
    • Rec. Level - Manually adjust the mic level
    • Wind Filter/Attenuator - Wind Filter (Auto, Off), Attenuator (On or Off)
  • Movie Servo AF - Enable, Disable
  • AF w/ Shutter Button During Video Recording - One Shot, Disable
  • Movie Auto Slow Shutter - On, Off

Custom Menu:
  • C.Fn I: Exposure
    • ISO Expansion - On or Off
  • C.Fn II: Autofocus
    • AF-assist beam (LED) firing - Enable or Disable
  • C.Fn III: Others
    • Dial Direction during Tv/Av - Normal, Reverse Direction
    • Custom Controls - Set custom features for the buttons on the camera
    • Release Shutter w/o Lens - Enable or Disable
    • Retract Lens on Power Off - Enable or Disable

The M5 features a dedicated video recording shooting mode, which basically just shows you the video information on the LCD screen instead of the still image information. You still use the dedicated video recording button to start and stop your movies, just like capturing video in any other shooting mode. The M5 is capable of 1080p Full HD video at up to 60fps.

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