Features & Controls

Canon's premiere M-mount camera, the M5 sports a 24.2-Megapixel, APS-C sized CMOS imaging sensor. It sports a 49-point, Dual Pixel AF for fast and accurate autofocus and tracking. Powering the sensor and AF system is the new DIGIC 7 processor which allows the camera to capture up to 7fps (9fps with AF Lock). Add 5-axis image stabilization (video only) that works with the IS system built into a lens and you have the most sophisticated IS system to found on a Canon camera.

Here is the M5 with the ultra-compact 15-45mm IS STM lens. The M5 can use any of the 7 EF-M lenses created by Canon, and with the assistance of the Canon EF-M Lens Adapter Kit, you can use any othe EF-S lenses as well. This gives you access to one of the greatest collections of lenses available.

Assisting you with your low-light shooting, Canon has built-in a very compact pop-up flash unit. With a Gno. of Approx. 5m (ISO 100), it is surprisingly more powerful than expected and can be useful in close quarters or as fill light. For increased power, the M5 can support any of Canon's Speedlite flash units with the hot shoe on top of the camera.

The very high resolution, 2.36-Million dot, OLED electronic viewfinder provides an outstanding amount of detail and information while you are shooting. The EVF shows real-time changes according to your setting changes, showing you exactly what the camera will capture. While shooting with the EVF, the LCD can be used as a touchpad, allowing you to select and drag your focus points without taking the camera away from your face. The sensor to the right of the EVF lets the camera switch back and forth between the EVF and LCD as you put the camera to your eye and take it away.

Your second option for composing and viewing your images is the large 3.2-inch, 1.62-million dot tilting touch LCD screen. This is a great option for shooting at tough angles or if you are used to a standard point-n-shoot camera. The very high resolution provides a lot of detail within the image, and shows you approx. 100% of the image area. Even when using the EVF, the LCD screen still allows you to touch and drag your AF point, letting you make the adjustment with the camera still at eye-level.

On top of the camera, you will find the mode dial to the far left. The button in the middle unlocks the dial in order for you to make a change. On the right side of the camera, you will find the two command dials, exposure compensation dial, shutter release and two buttons for the flash release and Fn control. Inside the top command dial is a button that allows you to change the function of the command dial.


The back looks very familiar to Canon DLSR owners with the AE Lock and Frame Selection buttons at the top. Around the 4-way controller are the INFO, Record, Play and Menu buttons. The 4-way controller acts as a shortcut to several of the most popular shooting settings, with the center as the set button. Around the controller is a third command dial.


On the left side of the camera you will find the HDMI and Audio input ports. These ports are hidden behind a rubber flap that seals nicely to keep out dust.


On the right side of the camera, you will find the High-Speed USB port and WiFi button. The built-in WiFi adds a ton of versatility to the camera, including allowing you to share your images anywhere your smartphone has service. Remote viewing and remote capture are also available.

The EOS M5 uses any SD/SDHC/SDXC style memory cards to store its images and videos. The card slot is on the bottom of the camera makes it a little more difficult to change while shooting, especially if you are using a tripod. With Full 1080p HD video recording and burst shooting modes, you will want to use a fast card. We recommend at least a UHS-1 speed card, like the Sony 32GB card shown above that was used to test the camera.

Powering the EOS M5 is a 7.2V, 1040mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Canon claims that with either the EVF or LCD, the camera is capable of capturing up to 295 images on a single charge from the battery. This can be increased to 420 images by putting the camera into ECO mode. The camera also comes with a portable charger, which makes it easy to keep your battery and a spare ready to go at all times.

Canon also offers the M5 with this 18-150mm zoom lens. This gives you a compact lens that is portable and offers a fantastic zoom range for everyday shooting.

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