Record Screens & Menus

On most camera's this is an optional settings screen, that acts as a shortcut to many of the exposure settings. You can have this on the LCD screen while you shoot with the EVF. Without having an EVF, this screen is a little more confusing, as you cannot compose an image while looking at it. It shows all of the settings that are also present in the "Q" menu, so there really is no use for it.

iAuto is the camera's fully automatic shooting mode. It works exactly the same as the iAuto mode on Canon's point-n-shoot cameras, handling all of the shooting settings for you. It will even choose the best scene mode for your particular situation, giving you the best possible image without you needing to know anything about photography.

Program mode is another automatic shooting mode that gives control over some of the basic shooting settings to the user. In this mode, shutter and aperture are controlled by the camera, leaving the rest up to you. The camera will not shoot with a scene mode here, unless one is specifically chosen from the mode menu.

Manual mode gives you total control over the camera's settings and full control over your creativity. Just like a dSLR, you have access to all the settings while you are shooting, although the lack of on-camera controls make the settings harder to get to. The M10 also offers Shutter Speed Priority and Aperture Priority modes (not pictured), which allow you to learn more about photography by controlling just one aspect of the exposure process, while the camera selects the appropriate corresponding setting.

The "Q" button or icon brings up the camera's quick menu. Here you have a slew of shooting settings that can be adjusted quickly either with the 4-way controller or the touchscreen. The list of settings depends on the camera's shooting mode, only allowing you to see the settings that are available.

Program Menu:
  • REC Mode - Program, Manual, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Hybrid Auto, Creative Assist, Self-Portrait, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Handheld Night Scene, Food, HDR, Fish-eye Effect, Art Bold Effect, Water Painting Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Soft Focus, Grainy B&W
  • Image Quality - JPEG (L Superfine 18MP, L Fine 18MP, M Superfine 12MP, M Fine 12MP, S1 Superfine 6M, S1 Fine 6M, S2 4M, S3 0.3M)
  • Still Image Aspect Ratio - 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1
  • Shooting Information Display - Display Switching (Choose the amount of info setups that show when pressing the INFO button), Grid Display (3x3 grid, 4x5 grid), Histogram (Brightness, RGB)
  • Reverse Disp. - On or Off
  • Image Review - Display Time (Off, 2 sec., 4 sec., 8 sec., Hold)
  • Touch Shutter - On, Off (Icon - On or Off)
  • AF Method - Face + Tracking, 1-point AF
  • Continuous AF - Off, On
  • AF+MF - On or Off
  • MF Peaking Settings - Peaking (Off, On), Level (Low, High), Color (Red, Yellow, Blue)
  • IS Settings - IS Mode (Off, Continuous), Dynamic IS (1, 2)
  • Lens Aberration Correction - Peripheral illumination, Chromatic aberration
  • Exposure Compensation - Make adjustments in 1/3 increments (Brighter, Darker)
  • ISO Speed - ISO Speed (Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800), ISO Auto Settings (Max ISO Speed (400, 800, 1600, 6400, 12800))
  • Highlight Tone Priority - off, Enable
  • Auto Light Optimizer - Off, Low, Standard, High
  • Metering Mode - Evaluative, Partial, Spot, Center-weighted
  • Flash Control:
    • Flash Firing - Auto, On, Slow Synchro, Off
    • E-TTL II Metering - Evaluative, Average
    • Red-eye Reduction - On or Off
    • Built-in Flash Settings - Flash Mode, Shutter Sync, Exposure Compensation
  • Custom White Balance - Set white balance manually
  • WB Correction - Manually make slight adjustments for the perfect colors (Horizontal (B9 to A9), Vertical (G9 to M9))
  • Picture Style - Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Def. 1-3
  • High ISO NR - Disable, Low, Standard, High, Multi-Shot
  • Long Exp. Noise Reduction - Off, Auto, On
  • High ISO speed NR - Off, Low, Standard, High, Multi-Shot
  • Movie Rec Size - Full HD 29.97fps, Full HD 23.98fps, 720 HD 59.94fps, VGA 29.97fps
  • Sound Recording:
    • Sound Recording - Auto, Manual, Disable
    • Rec. Level - Manually adjust the mic level
    • Wind Filter/Attenuator - Wind Filter (Auto, Off), Attenuator (On or Off)
  • Movie Servo AF - Enable, Disable
  • AF w/ Shutter Button During Video Recording - One Shot, Disable

Custom Menu:
  • C.Fn I: Exposure
    • ISO Expansion - On or Off
  • C.Fn II: Autofocus
    • AF-assist beam (LED) firing - Enable or Disable
  • C.Fn III: Others
    • Custom Controls - Set custom features for the buttons on the camera
    • Release Shutter w/o Lens - Enable or Disable
    • Retract Lens on Power Off - Enable or Disable

Along with the dedicated video recording button, the camera also features a dedicated video shooting mode as well. In this mode, you will have access to various control features for recording your videos, allowing for greater creativity. During video recording, still images can also be captured with little interruption to the video. The camera captures Full 1080p HD video with stereo sound. The camera also features an audio input for increased audio quality.

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