Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the playback button on the back of the camera takes you to playback mode. Here you can see the images and videos that are saved on the camera's SD card. Pressing the INFO button lets you change the amount of information that is shown about the images, from nothing to a full-color histogram.

Turning the command dial counter-clockwise enters the camera into index mode. Here you can see thumbnails of the images that are saved on the SD card. This makes it easy to find an image for group of images on a full card.

Turning the command dial clockwise allows you to zoom in on any of the images. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image. This is a great way to check the focus and fine details within your image when there is not a computer or monitor available. The small box to the right shows you the area of the image that you are currently zoomed in on.

The creative filters option allows you to add a filter, or creative effect to a captured image with just one click. The filters include: Grainy B/W, Soft Focus, Fish-eye Effect, Art Bold Effect, Water Painting Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect. Some basic adjustments to these effects are available when you apply the filter.

Playback Menu:
  • Protect - Select, Select Range, Protect All Images, Unprotect All Images
  • Rotate - 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees
  • Erase - Select, Select Range, Select All Images
  • Rating - Rate your images (assist in search of your images)
  • Slideshow - Start, Set Up (Repeat (On, Off), Play Time (3-30 seconds), Effect (Off, Fade))
  • List/Play Digest Movies
  • Image Search
  • Creative Filters - Grainy B/W, Soft Focus, Fish-eye Effect, Art Bold Effect, Water Painting Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect
  • Resize - M 12.4M (4320x2880), S1 5.5M (2880x1920), S2 3.5M (2304x1536), S3 0.3M (720x480)
  • Cropping - Trim your images right on the camera
  • Red-Eye Correction - Fixes red eyes when a face is detected
  • Print Settings - Print, Select Images & Qty., Select Range, Select All Images, Clear All Selections, Print Settings
  • Photobook Set-Up - Select, Select All Images, Clear All Selections
  • Transition Effect - Fade, Off
  • Index Effect - On, Off
  • Scroll Display - On, Off
  • Auto Rotate - On, Off
  • Resume - Last Seen, Last Shot
  • Playback Information Display - Choose which of the 6 display settings show up when pressing the INFO button

Your recorded videos can be played back on either the camera's LCD screen or any HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. The videos play very smoothly and the camera offers frame-by-frame control over the video. Basic trim options can be found by selecting the scissors. Of course, the videos can also be played on a computer.

Setup Menu:
  • Create Folder - Monthly, Daily
  • File Numbering - Continuous, Auto Reset
  • Format - Format the memory card; deletes all files
  • Video System - NTSC, PAL
  • Eco Mode - On, Off
  • Power Saving - Auto Power Down (On, Off); Display Off (10 sec., 20 sec., 30 sec., 1 min., 2 min., 3 min.)
  • LCD Brightness - Adjust the LCD's default brightness; 5 levels
  • Time Zone - Choose time zones for Home, World
  • Date/Time - Set the Date and Time of the internal clock/calendar
  • Language - Choose the menu language, 31 options
  • Beep - On or Off
  • Hints & Tips - On or Off
  • Mode Icon Size/Info - Big, with info - Small, no info
  • Touch Operation - Standard, Sensitive
  • Screen Auto-lock settings - On or Off, Locks After (3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 sec.)
  • Sensor Cleaning - Auto Clean (Enable, Disable), Clean Now
  • Wi-Fi Settings - NFC (On, Off), Password (On, Off), Target History (On, Off), Change Device Nickname, Check MAC Address, Reset Settings
  • Mobile Device Connection Button
  • Certification Logo Display
  • Copyright Info - Display Copyright Info, Enter Author's Name, Enter Copyright Details, Delete Copyright Info
  • Clear All Camera Settings

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