Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi SLR Review

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

Digital Features & Controls

The controls on the back of the camera have changed from those of the XTi. To accommodate the larger LCD, most of the control buttons have all been removed from the left side of the LCD. This new 3" dsiplay is very bright.

Looking at the back of the camera you'll notice 2 buttons on the upper left: The MENU button that calls up many of the camera setup menu selections and the DISP. button that brings up shooting information display.

Directly above the LCD you can see the Display Off sensor that turns the LCD off automatically when the sensor detects your eye is close to the eyecup.

Moving to the top right of the LCD we can see the AV+- Aperture/Exposure Compensation button. Directly below that is the WB - White Balance menu selector.

Next we see the large, 4-way controller that lets you navigate menus and select images during playback. The 4-way controller does a double duty in that all of the buttons call up specialized menus. Starting at the top you'll find the Metering Mode menu selector. Continuing clockwise, next we see the Auto Focus Mode, then the Picture Style and finally the Drive Mode selector menu buttons.

Below the 4-way controller are the Playback menu and Delete buttons.

All the way on the upper right, below the Mode Dial are the AE Lock/FE lock/Index/Reduce and also the AF point select/Magnify buttons.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

When you first turn on the camera the LCD displays the current camera settings. The information display is turned off by the Display-off sensor when the camera is raised to your eye, or it can be manually turned-off by depressing the DISP. button.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

To access the XSi's main menu system just press the MENU button we saw on the upper left, above the LCD. You use the 4-way controller to navigate the menus.

Record Menu

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

When you select the camera icon from the menu and move the 4-way controller down you can access the Shooting menu items:

  • Quality:L (12-megapixel ), M (6.3-megapixel) S (3.4-megapixel), RAW+L or RAW (both 12-megapixel)
  • Red-eye - Enable/disable redeye reduction flash mode
  • Beep - Enable/disable "button beep" sounds
  • Shoot w/o card - Allows or denies shutter release when no memory card is installed
  • Review time - Sets review timeout on LCD - 2 sec., 4 sec., 8 sec., Hold
  • AEB - Enables AE Bracketing and sets the step increment (-2 to +2EV in 0.3EV steps)
  • Flash exp comp - Enables flash exposure compensation (-2 to +2EV in 0.3EV steps)
  • Custom WB - Set the custom white balance value using a stored image
  • WB SHIFT/BKT - Set white balance correction or the step increment for white balance bracketing
  • Color space - sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • Picture Style - Selects image effects; see next menu description.
  • Dust Delete Data - Takes an exposure (of a white object) to identify dust spots on the image sensor. The dust data are appended to subsequent images for post-processing removal by Canon's software.

Picture Style Menu

  • Standard: For vivid, sharp and crisp images
  • Portrait: For nice skin tones, slightly sharp and crisp
  • Landscape: For vivid blues and greens, very sharp and crisp images
  • Neutral: For natural colors and subdued images; no sharpening applied
  • Faithful: For colormetric adjustment of colors of subjects shot under a color temperature of 5200K; no sharpening applied
  • Monochrome: For Black and White images
  • User Def. 1-3: For user-defined Picture Styles
  • Detail set.: For changing parameters of the pre-defined and user-defined Picture Styles - see next menu

The numeric parameters (or N) shown for each style are from left to right Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation and Color Tone.

Metering, ISO, Autofocus and White Balance Menu's

Digital Rebel XSi's settings for ISO, Metering mode, AF mode and White balance are directly accessible by pressing one of the buttons of the 4-way controller, and not available in the shooting menu.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

The metering system can be set for Evaluative, Partial (9%), Spot (4%) or Center-weighted average.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

ISO can be set to AUTO or in a range from 100 to 1600.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

Auto focus mode options are One-Shot AF, AI Focus AF or AI Servo AF

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

White balance selections include Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash and Custom. The Custom white balance is set in the Record menu.

Custom Functions

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

  • C. Fn I: Exposure - Exposure level increments: 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop
  • C. Fn I: Exposure - Flash sync. speed in Av mode: Auto or 1/200sec. (fixed)
  • C. Fn II: Image - Long exp. noise reduction: : Off, Auto or On
  • C. Fn II: Image - High ISO speed noise reduct'n:: Off or On
  • C. Fn II: Image - Highlight tone priority: Disable or Enable
  • C. Fn II: Image - Auto Lighting Optimizer: Enable or Disable
  • C. Fn III: Auto focus/Drive - AF-assist beam firing<: Enable, Disable or Only external flash emits
  • C. Fn III: Auto focus/Drive - AF during Live View shooting: Disable, Quick mode or Live mode
  • C. Fn III: Auto focus/Drive - Mirror lockup: Disable or Enable
  • C. Fn IV: Operation/Others - Shutter/AE lock button: AF/AE lock, AE lock/AF, AF/AF lock, no AE lock or AE/AF, no AE lock
  • C. Fn IV: Operation/Others - SET button when shooting: Normal, Change quality, Flash exposure comp., LCD monitor On/Off or Menu display
  • C. Fn IV: Operation/Others - LCD display when power ON: Display or Retain power OFF status
  • C. Fn IV: Operation/Others - Add original decision data: Off or On

Setup Menu

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

  • Auto power off - 30 secs., 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 minutes or Off
  • File numbering - Sequentially number, auto reset, or manual reset
  • Auto rotate - Enable auto rotation of portrait mode images in camera, on computer or both
  • Format - Format the CF card
  • LCD auto off - Enable or Disable the display-off sensor from turning the LCD off
  • Screen color - Choose from 4 color menu choices
  • LCD brightness - LCD back light intensity, 7 levels
  • Date / Time - Set date and time
  • Language - Sets the menu language
  • Video system - NTSC or PAL video output
  • Sensor cleaning:Auto - Live View shoot.: Disable or Enable, Grid display: Off or On, Metering time: 4 sec. to 30 min.
  • Live View function settings - Reset camera settings or Custom Functions
  • Flash control - Flash firing, Built-in flash, External flash or Custom flash function settings
  • Custom Functions - See above
  • Clear settings - Clear all camera or Custom Function settings
  • Firmware Ver. - Display camera firmware rev#, can be user-updated

My Menu

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / EOS 450D

  • Register - For faster access, you can register up to 6 menus and Custom Function setting you change frequently
  • Sort - Change the order of your registered menus
  • Delete - Chose to delete a registered menu
  • Delete all item - Delete all registered menu items
  • Display from My Menu - Enable or Disable the My Menu tab to be shown first when you press the MENU button

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