Canon EOS Digital Rebel SLR Review

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Canon EOS 300D

Bundled Software


Canon's Zoom Browser is like a graphical Explorer for your image files. You can just double-click to view a JPEG or convert and view a raw CRW file or use the menu on the left side for these options:

    Camera & Memory Card
      Browse & Download Images Browse images in the camera or card reader. Tag one or more file(s) or select ALL for transfer to the hard drive.
      Upload Images Upload images back to the camera
      My Camera Settings Display current camera settings
      Remote Shooting Start the Remote Capture program (see next page)

      Easy Photo Print Print images with EasyPhoto or PhotoRecord programs
      Layout Print Layout print design
      Index Print Print index sheets

    View & Modify
      Slide Show Automated playback of images
      Edit Image Launch graphic editor
      Process RAW Images Convert .CRW files to TIFF or JPEG

      Email Images Downsize, compress and email images

Canon EOS 300D

The editor window lets you crop or adjust color, brightness and contrast.

File Viewer Utility

Canon EOS 300D

The File Viewer Utility lets you view images, customize in-camera settings and convert raw files to TIFF or JPEG format. Before conversion you can apply digital exposure compensation and Kelvin white balance (2800° to 10000°K) to the raw image data. You can also quickly extract the embedded Medium size JPEG image from the raw file.

07/06/2004 update: Canon releases EOS Viewer Utility is a new software for EOS Digital SLR Cameras (10D, D30, D60, EOS 300D / Digital Rebel), that replaces the former 'FileViewer Utility'.

Improvements in new EOS Viewer Utility

  • A major revision has been made to the image processing and now preview display is approximately twice as fast as in the File Viewer Utility.
  • Improved user interface for better operability
    • Preview window is separated from thumbnails and multiple (up to 6) previews can be opened.
    • RAW Development Parameters have been changed from tool buttons to a floating tool palette.
    • Improved operability when specifying multiple development conditions.
  • New functions for colour management
    • Color spaces compatible with color management (sRGB / Adobe RGB)
    • ICC Profile is automatically attached when saved as TIFF image file.

To install EOS Viewer Utility it is required that one of the following software application is already installed on your system: RAW Image Converter v2.x or FileViewer Utility v1.x - v1.3


Canon EOS 300D

The RemoteCapture program allows you to operate the camera while tethered to a computer via the USB cable. The Remote Capture program is capable of interval (5 secs. to 60 mins. in 1-second increments) and timer (5 secs. to 60 mins. in 1-second increments) recording as well as instantaneous.

Canon EOS 300D

Images can be stored on the camera's CF card or sent directly to the computer's hard drive. This screen comes up after taking a picture and has a visual review image, histogram and exposure information.

Also bundled with the camera is PhotoRecord an album and printing application and PhotoStitch for creating panoramics and stitching multiple images together.

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