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Third-party RAW & JPEG Software

Chris Breeze's BreezeBrowser is an excellent choice in "alternative" software to use with your Canon EOS Digital Rebel image files. It can be used with any JPEG image or Canon RAW (CRW) file from any Canon digital camera. BreezeBrowser is reasonably priced and the support is direct from the author. Chris' software has been the choice of many Canon dSLR users for quite a while now, the RAW conversion options are excellent.

Shown here is the thumbnail screen, you can select from small, large or extra-large thumbnails. BreezeBrowser can go through the largest folders very quickly and display them as shown here. Like the ZoomBrowser it denotes the JPG and CRW files right on the thumbnails. Portrait mode images can be rotated with one click of a button on the toolbar or double-click the image to view it as shown in the next frame.


The VIEW options can display the AF sensors, it shows the ones used for the auto focus in red. Other options include: display in B&W, show flashing highlights, normal or high quality (shown above) image display, histogram, auto-rotate JPG files using EXIF orientation, rename single or batch, proof, export EXIF data to text, copy EXIF data to another file, set file time/date to image time/date, adjust time/date in EXIF data, embed color profile in JPEG, generate HTML pages from selected images, edit the image comments, edit the IPTC data


If you click on Full Details then the EXIF data is displayed in this window.


Click on the RAW button on the toolbar or the CONVERT button to bring your image up in the Convert Image window. Here you can select the conversion method (normal, linear or combined), enable "smart" noise reduction (low, normal, high), white balance (as shot, auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, preset) or by color temperature in degrees Kelvin, select the desired color space (as shot, Adobe RGB or sRGB), saturation (as shot, low, mid low, normal, mid high, high), contrast (as shot, low, mid low, normal, mid high, high), sharpness (as shot, no sharpening, low, mid low, normal, mid high, high), color tone (as shot -2, -1, 0, +1, +2), exposure compensation (-2 to +2), enable the false color filter, apply current white balance setting for all images, enable postprocessing (see next frame)...

and see your changes as you make them in the live preview. When you get it the way you want it you can then save the adjusted image as a compressed JPEG with the desired quality level or a 8-bit or 16-bit TIFF file.


If you enable the Post Processing Settings these options are displayed.


Convert one or many files from RAW to TIFF or JPEG format easily.

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