Record Screens & Menus

While shooting with the OVF, this screen is available by pressing the "Q" button. This quick menu gives you access to most of the camera's more common shooting settings, while also showing you all of you current settings. The touch screen makes it incredibly easy to select any one of the settings, without having to use the 8-way controller.

Canon has included its Scene Intelligent Auto shooting mode, the same that is found on their PowerShot line of compact cameras. This mode allows anyone to capture fantastic looking images without having to worry about the camera settings. After you figure out your composition, the camera will change all of the settings for you. It will even choose the best scene mode available for your current shooting situation.

Program mode is another automatic shooting mode that gives the photographer a little more control over the shooting settings while still completely controlling the exposure. The camera will not use any of the scene modes while the camera is program mode either.

Manual shooting mode, along with Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority give the photographer complete control over the camera. Here you have to set every aspect, which completely portrays the photographers creativity and skill.

Scene Shooting Modes:Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene and HDR Backlight Control.

Above is the Quick Menu for the camera while shooting in Live View mode. All of the controls that are available are shown here on the screen. Touching an icon brings up all of the options on the bottom of the screen.

Shooting menu items:
  • Quality: - Choose the RAW (RAW, MRAW SRAW and JPEG (Large Fine/Normal, Medium Fine/Normal, Small Fine/Normal) settings by rotating the Control and Quick Control dials
  • VF Grid Display - Enable, Disable
  • Viewfinder Level - Hide, Show
  • Beep - Enable/disable "button beep" sounds
  • Release shutter w/o card - Allows or denies shutter release when no memory card is installed
  • Image review - Sets review timeout on LCD - 2 sec., 4 sec., 8 sec., Hold, Off
  • Lens aberration correction - Peripheral Illumination and Chromatic Aberration correction for the lens on the camera
  • Flash Control - Choose whether the flash fires, Built-in flash function settings, External flash function settings, External flash custom function settings, etc.
  • Red-eye reduction - On or Off
  • Mirror Lockup - On or Off
  • Exposure Comp./AEB - Choose the EV compensation for AE Bracketing and Exposure compensation (±5EV in 1/3 or 1/2EV steps)
  • ISO speed settings - Change ISO speed, set ISO speed range, set Auto ISO range and set min. shutter speed
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer - Automatically adjusts brightness and contrast to increase detail in shadow areas; Standard, Disable, Low, or Strong
  • White Balance - Choose from Auto, Daylight (5200K), Shade (7000K), Cloudy (6000K), Tungsten light (3200K), White fluorescent light (4000K), Flash, Custom, Color Temp.
  • Custom WB - Set the custom white balance value using a stored image
  • WB SHIFT/BKT - Set white balance correction or the step increment for white balance bracketing
  • Color space - sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • Picture Style - Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3
  • Long Exposure Noise Reduction - On, Off, Auto
  • High ISO speed NR - Off, Low, Standard, High, Multi-shot
  • Highlight Tone Priority - On or Off
  • Dust Delete Data - Takes an exposure (of a white object) to identify dust spots on the image sensor. The dust data are appended to subsequent images for post-processing removal by Canon's software.
  • Multiple Exposure - Controls all of the camera's multi-exposure settings
  • HDR Mode - Enable, Disable

Live View Settings:
  • Live View Shoot - Enable, Disable
  • AF Mode - Tracking, Flexizone large, Flexizone small, Quick Mode
  • Continuous AF - Enable, Disable
  • Touch Shutter - Enable, Disable
  • Grid Display - Off, 3x3, 6x4, 3x3+diag
  • Aspect Ratio - 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 1:1
  • Exposure Simulation - Enable, DIsable
  • Silent LV Shooting - Mode 1, Mode 2, Disable
  • Metering Timer - 4 sec, 16 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 10 min, 30 min.

Movie mode is greatly improved and incredibly functional on the new 70D. One of the best new features is the Servo AF feature, allowing you to touch the LCD screen to steadily change the focus point of the camera. There is also a full set of video shooting settings as well.

Movie Menu:
  • AF Method - Face+Tracking, FlexiZone large, FlexiZone small
  • Movie Servo AF - Enable, Disable
  • Silent LV Shoot. - Mode 1, Mode 2, Disable
  • Metering Timer - 4, 16, 30 sec., 1, 10, 30 min.
  • Grid Display - Off, 3x3, 6x4, 3x3+diag.
  • Movie Rec. Size - 1920x1080 30fps ALL-I, 1920x1080 30fps IPB, 1920x1080 24fps ALL-I, 1920x1080 24fps IPB, 1280x720 60fps ALL-I, 1280x720 60fps IPB, 640x480 30fps IPB
  • Digital Zoom - Off, 3-10x zoom
  • Sound Recording - Auto, Manual, Disable - Adust Record Level - Wind Filter
  • Time Code - Count Up (Rec run, Free run), Start Time Setting, Movie Rec Count (Rec Time, Time Code), Movie Play Count (Rec Time, Time Code), Drop Frame (Enable, Disable)
  • Video Snapshot - Disable, Enable - Album Settings

C. Fn I: Exposure - Exposure level increments: 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop
C. Fn I: Exposure - ISO Speed Setting Increments: 1/3 Stop, 1-Stop
C. Fn I: Exposure - Bracketing Auto Cancel: On, Off
C. Fn I: Exposure - Bracketing Sequence: (0,-,+), (-, 0, +), (+, 0, -)
C. Fn I: Exposure - Number of Bracketed Shots: 2, 3, 5, 7
C. Fn I: Exposure - Safety Shift: Disable, Shutter Speed/Aperture, ISO Speed

C. Fn II: Auto foucs/drive - Tracking Sensitivity: 5 levels between Locked on and Responsive
C. Fn II: Auto foucs/drive - Accel./Decel. Tracking: 0, +1, +2
C. Fn II: Auto foucs/drive - AI Servo 1st Image Priority: Release Priority, Equal Priority, Focus Priority
C. Fn II: Auto foucs/drive - AI Servo 2nd Image Priority: Shooting Speed Priority, Equal Priority, Focus Priority
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - AF-assist beam firing: Enable, Disable, Enable external flash only, or IR AF assist beam only
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - Lens Drive when AF Impossible: Continue Focus Search, Stop Focus Search
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - Select AF Area selec. mode: Manual Select Zone AF, Auto Selection: 19 pt AF
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - Select AF Area selec. method: AF area selection button, Main Dial
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - Orientation linked AF point: Same for both vertic./horiz., Select different AF points
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - Manual AF pt. selec. pattern: Stops at AF area edges, Continuous
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - AF Point Display during focus: Selected (constant), All (constant), Selected (pre-AF,focused), Selected (focused), Disable Display
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - VF Display Illumination: Auto, Enable, Desable
C. Fn II: Auto focus/Drive - AF Microadjustment: Disable, All by same amount, Adjust by lens

C. Fn III: Operation/Others - Dial Direction during Tv/Av: Normal, Reverse direction
C. Fn III: Operation/Others - Multi function lock: Main Dial, Quick Control Dial, Multi-controller
C. Fn III: Operation/Others - Warnings in Viewfinder: When monochrome picture style set, When WB is corrected, When ISO expansion is used, When spot meter is set
C. Fn III: Operation/Others - Custom Controls: Select the function for - Shutter Button half-press, AF-ON button, AE Lock button, DOF preview button, Lens AF stop button, Set button, Main Dial, Quick Control Dial, Multi-controller

My Menu settings:
  • Register To My Menu - For faster access, you can register up to 6 menus and Custom Function setting you change frequently
  • Sort - Change the order of your registered menus
  • Delete item/items - Chose to delete a registered menu
  • Delete all item - Delete all registered menu items
  • Display from My Menu - Enable or Disable the My Menu tab to be shown first when you press the MENU button

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